Authentic 91 sqm Home Design Brings Relaxing

 Helloshabby.comThis minimalist house built on 91 sqm of land has a chic and comfortable design. The interior of the house that carries the Bohemian theme is dominated by white and also brown wood or cream. So that it gives an authentic and aesthetic impression. Want more details? Just check out the review below.

Living room

First, there is a living room area. The living room located in the front house has a chic and minimalist design. With shades of white and brown, making the impression of this minimalist living room look calm. Fresh accents from green plants also make the room feel soothing.

Aesthetic corner area

The corner area will undoubtedly increase the impression of the room. With the right design and arrangement, the corner area also makes a minimalist residence feel more optimal and functional.

Family area

The living room area which is one room with the dining room is designed without partitions. Besides being able to give a relieved and airy impression, the right arrangement also makes the room feel more comfortable and pleasant to gather.

Perfect bedroom

Even though it is small in size, this bedroom is designed neatly and precisely. Still wearing shades of white and brown, making the bedroom accent feel calmer. Put natural elements and also plants for a fresh room.


Still one room with a bedroom, you can use an empty area or corner for study tables and bookshelves. Design appropriately and choose furniture that fits the size of the room. This will certainly help you be more productive and focused on studying or working.


A fairly small width certainly does not prevent you from having a neat and comfortable dream kitchen. Use an inline kitchen table design to get around this. In addition, use shelves or other storage for a neat and clean kitchen.

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