Half Amakan House Design with 2 Bedrooms (5.50 x 5.50 Meters, 30.25 sqm)

 Helloshabby.comHalf Amakan house is semi native Philippines house with type of traditional woven split bamboo mats used as walls, paneling, or wall cladding. Then, you can see these Half Amakan house designs for more inspiration. Let's check it out!

Home facade

Exterior looks of Amakan House make you feel relaxed in nature. With the wall building from concrete material and combine it with woven split bamboos like Philippines style. Then, you can make the roof using a flat roof for a pretty look. Give a mini fence from bamboo at the terrace and apply white color for a pretty and clean accent.

Back view

The back view of Half Amakan House has a simple design. With the dwelling building from concrete and woven split bamboo, you can make the backyard area with concrete as the floor. Then, make a garden in the backyard for a fresh ambiance and make this a relaxing and enjoyable spot area.

Living room design

Interior at Half Amakan House is designed simply and efficiently. You can make the living room use an open-plan concept for spacious and look bigger. Just put measure sofa and table at living room area. Don't forget to put plants for pretty and fresh decoration at the living room area.

Simple bedroom

Beautiful and comfy bedroom makes you want to spend time after busy days. With the interior using neutral and bright color, give the accent look bigger and spacious. Window that any at bedroom, make you have good lighting and air filtration.

Compact kitchen design

Make the kitchen has simple design and a comfy area for cooking. You can make the kitchen set use a U-shape with a mini bar at the side. Then, wear a cabinet above it for storage. It can help you to avoid a messy and dirty kitchen with nice and wise arrangements.

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