Minimalist Stilt House Design 12 x 13 Meters

 Helloshabby.comDo you know what a stilt house is? Stilt House is a house design that is built rather high and this is because it adjusts the surrounding environment. In the past, stilt houses had a traditional design and still used full wood or other natural materials. But now stilt houses have made progress by wearing some modern designs for a slick and eye-catching look.

Facade house design

From the front view of the house, this stilt house is designed to rise to the side. Which on one side, the bottom is used as a garage. To get into the house, there are stairs at the front of the house and also a garden beside the stairs to make the environment more fresh and soothing.

From back view

As for the back of the house, there is a terrace area that can be used as a place to relax. Or you can even use it as a laundry area or other areas as you wish.

Living room

The design of the living room and family room are adjacent and without partitions, only the arrangement of furniture is designed as if this area is separated by itself.

While this living room area has a set of sofas and there is a small table in front of it. Equipped with a carpet at the bottom makes the living room area feel warmer and more comfortable. For TVs, it can be hung on the wall to save more space.


The design of the bedroom equipped with a TV hung on the wall looks pleasant. Moreover, the existence of a study desk in one room certainly increases productivity without fear of being disturbed.


The kitchen area that has a pretty quirky design and looks stylish and comfortable. With wood elements and the installation of lights as the right lighting, make this small kitchen area more neat and eye-catching.

Floor plan

For details of the minimalist stilt house plan, you can see the floor plan picture above. The right design and arrangement make this stilt house suitable for small families with 3 to 4 people.

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