3 Bedroom Simple House Idea with Roofdeck (9 X 10 M)

Helloshabby.com -- Two-storey house designs can be the right solution for those of you who have limited land size. Elegantly designed, the following 3 Bedroom Simple House Idea with Roofdeck (9 X 10 M) is a modern house that is suitable in both villages and cities! Let's check this out.

Modern Minimalist Design

Modern Minimalist Design

This small house (9 x 10 meters) is neat and minimalist. The facade with simple building lines, using lightweight brick materials that are more affordable. The front is equipped with a small bungalow-style terrace with railings.

Many Windows

Many Windows

This minimalist house has the best design and is functional. There are many windows and vents on each side of the house, bringing coolness to the space. There is also an additional door on the back side.

Spacious Roofdeck

Spacious Roofdeck

This two-storey house comes with a spacious roofdeck, perfect for relaxing with your beloved family. It is half the size of the building, complete with a secure railing. The house also comes with a simple and affordable sloping roof.

Floor Plan

1st Floor

On the 1st floor, we can see several common rooms, with an open space arrangement that makes movement space freer. The 1st floor facilities include:

- Terrace

- Living Room

- Kitchen and dining room

- Bedroom  

- Bathroom

- Laundry Room

2nd Floor

The second floor is divided into a room and a balcony. The balcony area is quite spacious, making it a comfortable place to relax. For facilities, this 2nd floor has:

- 2 Bedrooms

- 2 Bathrooms

- Family Room

- Balcony or roofdeck

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Author      : Rieka

Editor       : Munawaroh

Source     : Happy House Ideas 3D

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