Modern Minimalist House | 600k Natirhan na ang Bahay | 70 sqm - 2 BEDROOMS - This simple modern minimalist house looks comfortable with complete facilities. Having an area of 70 sqm and 2 bedrooms, it turns out that this house was built at a fairly affordable price. For the continuation, let's find out more about Modern Minimalist House | 600k Natirhan na ang Bahay | 70 sqm - 2 Bedrooms


Take a look at the appearance of the façade of this 70 sqm house. It has just been completed and is still not painted but has given a slick and comfortable residential appearance. 

There is a terrace in front of the entrance and also a pillar that supports the terrace area of the house. In addition, there is a grid window which can make the interior of the house have access to light from the outside to enter the house.

Floor plan

House features:
  • porch
  • living room
  • dining room
  • kitchen
  • 2 bedrooms
  • 1 toilet & bath

Main room

The main space in this 70 sqm house is designed with an open concept without partitions. So that the living room, dining room, and kitchen become one room. 

In order not to interfere with each other, you can wear a dining table as a separator between the living room and the kitchen. Make the right arrangement and make sure to minimize the use of less necessary items.

Small kitchen

For the kitchen area, it is designed with an inline model and cast cement tables. Use the under the table as a storage place to make the kitchen area neater and cleaner.  

For the estimated cost, this 70 sqm house was built with a total cost of 600,000 PHP or 12,000 USD with labor. However, these prices may change depending on the location, material costs, and workers' wages.

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