Simple Renovation One-Storey House Design 10 x 11 Meters

 Helloshabby.comAre you still confused about design ideas for your home? Incidentally, we have a house design for one floor with an area of 10 x 11 meters that may inspire you and according to your wishes. For your information, we will present the design of the exterior of the house only. So, just check it out!

Perfect exterior design

This time the exterior of the house is equipped with a fence. It appears that the fence above functions so that the security of the house is more guaranteed and avoids unwanted things.

It looks like the house has a permanent cement fence design and also a sliding fence for the entrance and also the garage door. In the fenced area of the house, you can make a box planter as a place to grow some plants. So that it makes the front area of this house feel fresher and not arid.

Facade details

Let's go to the façade area of the house. It seems that the appearance of the façade of this house has a touch of vertical wood elements as decoration and also a secondary skin.

In addition, the presence of a breezeblock as a secondary skin near the carport area also makes your privacy more protected. For the yard that is still left, you can use it to make a garden so that the atmosphere around the house is fresher and relaxing.

Top looks

Seen from above, it can be seen that this house wears a gable roof for the main building. And for the carport area and terrace of the house, you can use a flat roof with materials that are tailored to your conditions and needs.

Terrace area

In the terrace area itself, there is a secondary skin made of red brick. This is used as a protector and makes the terrace design look more private. Not to forget the combination of red brick with the wood palette for chic, natural accents and matching.

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