6 Beautiful Small Living Room Paint Colors

Helloshabby.com --Want to bring a new atmosphere to your living room? Just change the color of paint in the living room. Many benefit that come from changing paint colors on the walls of your living room. Every color has it own characteristic. It will change the mood and provide psychological satisfaction for homeowners.  Some color also give a solution to make the small living room look more spacious.

That's why, we present an article titles 6 Beautiful Small Living Room Paint Colors for you. We make sure these 6 colors will upgrade the look on your minimalist living room.

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White is the most common color that many people use for living room. The natural and neutral of white is very suitable to combined with various styles of design, decoration and also furniture. As in the living room above, the white color is identical to clean look that will give an airy an bright impression on the interior. As it turn out, white color can also make a narrow living room feel spacious.
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Millenial Pink. Love the shabby chic style? You have to design a living room with soft impression with this pinky color. Pink color give your guest a warm and friendly touch in this living room. You can put a sofa with a plaid motif that look perfect in this pink living room. 
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Beige colors can make your small living room look leisurely and warm. You can combine beige paint color with a bright tangerine sofa. In addition, add metal elements such as the unique decorative and picture frames decoration, that give strong modern and minimalist impression.
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Many people assume the gray color will make the living room look monotonous. Of course, this can be multiplied by having furniture and decoration that make the grey living room look more lively and attractive. You can put an abstract painting decoration on the walls. This painting will give contrast to the gray color. In addition, you can select a bohemian carpets that give more color to this living room.
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The use light blue as paint color in the small living room will create a warmth, fresh and cozy atmosphere. This light blue color also create a broad illusion in the living room. You can put a white furniture to make living room look so perfect. 

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Green paint color is suitable for you who want the living room look so  fresh and lively. You can combine it with green and white striped wallpaper to make the living room look so dynamic. Add live plants to give a natural vibe in this green living room.

Hopefully this article is useful for those of you design inspiration and house plans. Hopefully you will be easier in making a dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family to be of benefit to others.

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