6 Beautiful Small Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Helloshabby.com -- Bored with small indoor kitchen that feels cramped and makes you fell claustrophobic? Why don't you try the open kitchen? Having a  small outdoor kitchen is very interesting, the oil cooking and smell steam won't stick to your home furnishings. The outdoor kitchen will bring fresh atmosphere. There are many various ways you can do to arrange small outdoor kitchen. Just check this article out. In this article '6 Beautiful Small Outdoor Kitchen Ideas'  you will find many ideas to make outdoor kitchen that look so good in your own home.


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 Industrial Outdoor Kitchen

The minimalist outdoor kitchen concept above looks unique. It's carrying a blend of industrial and natural vibes. Industrial style comes from unfinished style walls and several metal furnitures. You can add a mini bar for breakfast or simply enjoy your favorite warm coffee. Don't forget to add wood elements to this kitchen, so the kitchen looks more natural. 

You can add an industrial chandelier to give the impression of a modern and cool industry present in this outdoor kitchen. Overall, this outdoor kitchen seems so harmonious with the green leaves in the back garden

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 Outdoor kitchen with Minimalist Garden

An outdoor kitchen and back garden is a perfect combination. This will provide maximum freshness of the air in the kitchen area. If you're worried about raindrops that's soaking the floor, you can install an additional polycarbonate fiber roof in the garden. This ideas be made to minimize outdoor kitchen problems that easy to wet due to raindrops.


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Minimalist Outdoor Kitchen With Wooden Elements

In the outdoor kitchen, you are free to create warm and cozy kitchen.You can install a cabinet with wooden elements. This wooden elements will make the kitchen feel integrated with the green nature. On the kitchen floor, please put a doormat. The doormat will create and outdoor kitchen with warm natural feeling.

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Minimalist Outdoor Kitchen In The Corner Of The House

The corner of the house is often be used as a warehouse to accumulate unused goods. This will make the corner look messy. You can maximize the corner area for an outdoor kitchen. The outdoor kitchen will be more effective for your cooking activity. You do not need to install the cooker hood to filter cooking steam. The steam of the cuisine will disappear by itself. Add a membrane canopy to keep the kitchen from the sun heating or to keep it from getting wet by the raindrops.


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Minimalist Outdoor Kitchen Under The Stairs

The area below the stairs often leaves an empty space. You can build a semi open kitchen. Choose L shaped kitchen table in this tiny kitchen. L shaped kitchen will make you able to place various  cooking ware. Choose shades of white, ash, and wood color to give a modern minimalist vibe.

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Semi Outdoor Kitchen with Skylight

Not all houses have open green land. You can design a semi outdoor kitchen indoors. You can design a skylight that made of glass roofs to emit natural light to the kitchen and garden area. When you cooking in this semi outdoor kitchen, the outdoor atmosphere will make you comfortable and enjoy your cooking activity.

Hopefully this article is useful for those of you design inspiration and house plans. Hopefully you will be easier in making a dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family to be of benefit to others.

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