6 Grey Living Rooms That Help Your Lounge Look Effortlessly Stylish and Understated

Helloshabby.com -- Grey color appears as one the timeless interior design. Shades of grey tend to be make the living room look classy and elegant. The variety of gray color on the design of living room is very diverse, ranging from dark tones to the light ones. Its very easy to make thematic grey living room. Grey living room will help your lounge look effortlessly stylish and understated. No need to worry, grey living room won't look gloomy and old, the right arrangement and combination will give a modern and classy vibe to your living room. Here we presenting 6 Grey Living Rooms That Help Your Lounge Look Effortlessly Stylish and Understated. Hope you'll like it!



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Fresh Grey Living Room

Grey living room can look gloomy when there is no counterbalance. Our advice is to place the greenery in your grey living room. The green leaves will give a fresh atmosphere on the room. To maintain a fresh and natural vibe, make sure the windows can emit optimal natural light. 

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Classy Grey Living Room

As a timeless color, there is no harm trying the grey living room with luxurious and classy style. All you have to do is put furniture with elegant touch. For example, install decorative chandeliers in grey color. In addition, put L shaped sofa with charcoal-grey color to make the living room look cozier. To gather more relaxed, you can put aromatherapy candles on this beautiful candle holder.



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Grey Living Room with Different Shades of Grey

Different shades of grey that applied in the living room surely will make your look chic and cool. The grey variant can be applied to the walls with a light gray tone. These bright grey walls make the room seem more spacious. Variations of grey color with dark tone can be applied to the use of sofa and stools. Those combination of gray color make the living room look dynamic. Add art decor elements like floor carpets with geometric pattern to make the living room look more artistic.  

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Grey Color and Wood Elements

The combination of grey elements and wooden elements brings a natural and warm atmosphere into the room. The use of parquet floors combine with dark tones grey sofa look harmonious.On the walls, you can choose the light grey paint. This light grey color also make the wood calligraphy ornaments appear more stand out. 

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Bright Grey Living Room  

Grey living rooms will help your lounge look effortlessly stylish and understated. You can make the grey living room look bright and visually beautiful. Choose shades of grey with light tone, as in the living room above. Add contrast like hanging artwork in pastel colors. This artwork will eliminate gloomy feeling in such grey living room.


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Cozy Grey Living Room 

The living room above looks cozy even though it looks minimalist. A cozy impression comes from the selection of grey tones that look calm and soothing. Decoration of natural elements, such as greenery and ladder shelves give the impression of warm and friendly. Don't forget to put L shaped sofa and plastic-rattan chair to make you get comfy when you around in the living room.


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