6 Inspirational Pink Kitchens With Tips & Accessories to Help You Design Yours

Helloshabby.com -- If you're pink lover, then the pink kitchen design is something you must not miss. Designed a kitchen with thematic pink sometime can be hard, somehow look so easy. However, it is not difficult to realize it. Although, the pink color is a bit tricky but with the right arrangement and a combination of suitable color combination will make the kitchen design with a pink theme, look elegant and beautiful. 

Interested in a pink kitchen design? We present a special article for you who are pink lover. This inpirational pink, surely will make your kitchen look cool and far from tacky impression.


credit to @nizziman via IG

The kitchen with pink thematic pink doesn't always have to be designed all pink. You can combine it with other colors. As in the kitchen above. Kitchen furniture uses pink cream color that looks so harmonious with wood paneling and white walls. The kitchen table is also equipped with pink curtains that make this kitchen feel warm and sweet. Surely, this kitchen will make you enjoy to cook.


credit to @onyah.pinky

There are wide shades of pink, one of those is this salmon pink color. This pink color gives the kitchen a soft and charming vibes. This pink kitchen is designed by single walls style. Single wall kitchen tends to fit in minimalist kitchen, beside that it will give practical advantages. This pink kitchen is also equipped with a mini bar to enjoy your favorite coffee.


credit to @diana_elvira10

You can make the kitchen look unique by creating exposed brick walls with a pink color. The wall pillar are painted in blue to make the kitchen structure look harmonious. You can add a transparent cabinet with floral motifs to make your kitchen look lively and beautiful.


credit to @devia_franstristan

You can choose a kitchen backsplash of oxford patterned ceramics to make this tiny kitchen look more vibrant and not boring. Beyond its appearance,ceramic backsplash has good heat resistance, so that for a long period of time your kitchen walls will remain intact.  


credit to @natasha_mickey

L shaped kitchen design is suitable applied to various models of kitchen. Kitchen L wall provide more space that can be used as storage. Besides that, this will give more space to place furniture and kitchen spices. Maximize the kitchen walls by creating a upper cabinet for storage. The design of the fridge can be built in, so that your kitchenette look parallel.


credit to @syahrianihsb

You can choose furniture with full pink color. However its a good idea to combine them with some of the more neutral models and colors, so that your pink kitchen doesn't look weird. For example, the kitchen table cast on top,  beige white color so as to make the pink cabinet underneath look more stand out. On the backsplah selected white ceramic patterned pink floral to provide contrast and accents in this pink kitchen.

Hopefully this article that titled '6 Inspirational Pink Kitchens With Tips & Accessories to Help You Design Yours' is useful for those of you design inspiration and house plans.Hopefully you will be easier in making a dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family to be of benefit to others.

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