6 Outdoor Patio Ideas That Will Excite and Inspire You

Helloshabby.com -- Enjoy your summer holiday with an outdoor living space, a fresh patio. A patio will accompany you to relax with or without family members. You can enjoy the fresh air without having to go far away from home. A patio with natural ambience will give you healing feeling and cozy place to purse a quiet time. Here we preset an article '6 Outdoor Patio Ideas That Will Excite and Inspire You'. Hope this ideas will give you an inspiration to create a cozy patio.

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Patios should be offer a peaceful atmosphere to release everyday stress. You can create two patio design, a semi enclosed patio with roof and an open patio. An open patio without roof is perfect for summer holiday. It's very simple. You can put a bench in the middle of the patio. You can use marble floors in an open patio. In addition, you can also install decorative lights around in the patio to give warm dim vibes. 

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You can design a patio as much as an outdoor relaxation space. Add coral rocks under the sofa. These rocks can be a medium of relaxation for your feet, while you are sitting on the sofa. Beside, these rocks give natural vibe in this patio. Put the woods elements to give a strong natural ambience, like the tables and  wooden curtains.

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Present an unique and different patio design with this Java-style patio concept. Javanese design bring wood elements and brown color on this small patio. As in patio above. This patio quiet simple, just by placing one wooden bench with ethnic puppet called as 'wayang'. Exposed brick walls and wayang pads bring an ethnic touch that distinguishes the concept of Java style patio with Western style patio. 

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Outdoor Patio Ideas That Will Excite and Inspire You is the use of wooden elements. Wooden elements still become a favorite design for patio. This style present a natural an rustic vibes. On the design, you must to put a seat. The seating outdoor will help you to relax. Choose a seating outdoor like L shaped sofa. This seating outdoor can accommodate many people in the patio. Beside that, rattan chairlifts can also be add, this chair look unique and very comfortable to use.

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Barbecue set and patio is perfect combination. For save budgeting , you choose a simple furniture on patio design. Like the patio above. A set arm less chair is conveniently placed in this patio.  A portable barbecue sets are placed on the table to accompany your beautiful night within your lovely friends. We hope this Outdoor Patio Ideas That Will Excite and Inspire You.

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Patio with semi garden concept is the right choice for those pf you who have minimalist space. As in the patio above, the foyer is designed on top of fish pond. Put a minimalist wooden chair on top of the foyer. This wooden chair have unfinished style that make it look so natural and give a vibe that still blends with nature.

Hopefully this article is useful for those of you design inspiration and house plans.
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