6 Pink Bedrooms with Images, Tips and Accessories to Help You Decorates Yours


Helloshabby.com -- Pink is such color that loved by many people, mostly women and millennial. Pink color brings a cheerful, bright and romantic vibe to the room. If you are a pink lover, then create and decorate pink bedroom will bring happiness for you. But pink is such a tricky color, you must decorate pink bedroom correctly. If not, then your pink color will look tawdry and childlike. But, don't worry you can create such a pink bedroom that still look chic and elegant. Just try this following step to make your pink bedroom look beautiful, attractive and elegant. Here we are presenting this article '6 Pink Bedrooms with Images, Tips and Accessories to Help You Decorates Yours. ' special for you. Hope you'll like it.


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Give a little yellow accent on your pink bedrooms.

It's not really wrong to create all pink theme on your bedrooms. But, you must remember to put some accent on your pink bedroom. Because, all pink nuance without some accent make the room look tacky and stuffy. Just give a little yellow accent, like a yellow-light color in your bed sheet. The yellow will make the pink bedroom look more balanced. So, you won't fell weary with all the pink in your bedroom. 

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Pink and White Paint Walls

Pink wall paint gives a strong pink thematic impression. But, you must remember to make it more balanced. You can try to choose two kind of wall style. All pink color walls and white-pink walls. This will make your pink color feel dynamic. On your white-pink walls, you can choose a wallpaper with floral damask pink pattern. This surely will make the your pink bedroom look vibrant, but doesn't feel crowded. 

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A dim light with your personal photo

One of kind to make your pink bedroom feel more warm and intimate is to give very personal taste on your bedroom. You can stick photos of yours on the pink walls. Lets, complete the photos with the addition of decorative lamp with a dim light. In addition to beautifying your room, the dim lights will accompany your sleep.   

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 Decorate with pink decoration

A very easy and simple way to make pink bedroom is choose the decorations by pink color. But pay attention to the color balance in the selection of decorations. Simply, you can recreate the pink bedrooms above. On the walls, its better to choose pink paint with light shades. So, when you put the pink decoration and furnishing it will look beautiful. You can combine with several pink kind of pink color; a pink lavender color on your bed sheet, a magenta curtain, and several small baby pink decoration. Doesn't room feel beautiful and playful?

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Contemporary Pink Style Walls

You want your pink bedroom look unique, but don't want to put a lot of decoration on? Then, this pink bedroom is made for you. The unique pattern on the walls become the point of interest in this room. One wall is made with random geometric pattern that seem firm and elegant. The other wall look so sweet by playing combination of pink and white-with flower sticker. Although minimalist, this pink room look spacious enough and fresh, cause the windows.  


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Big and small pink accents

Not all pink rooms must be designed by pink walls. You can also give thematic pink to the room with shades of white walls. There, the selection of pink color should be selected on larger and smaller accents. For example, on the selection of bed sheets, pillows, bedding and even doormats. The combination gives the room a cozy and warm atmosphere. 


Hopefully this article '6 Pink Bedrooms with Images, Tips and Accessories to Help You Decorates Yours'.  useful for those of you design inspiration and house plans.Hopefully you will be easier in making a dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family to be of benefit to others.

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