6 Small Kitchen Design Idea That Make A Big Impact

Helloshabby.com -- Having tiny house doesn't mean you can't have beautiful kitchen. Somehow in tiny house with tiny kitchen, you have to create ideas to make your kitchen have thematic look, more spacious and still comfortable to used. But don't worry. If you wanna have small kitchen with best look and function, you come in right sites. Because, when you are scrolling down this page you'll find 6 ideas to make your small kitchen  look more airy and trendy.

Parisian Kitchen

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One of characteristic Parisian kitchen is natural light that come from the windows. The windows will make small kitchen seem larger than it shall be. Beside that, the window also gave function to adjust the air circulation in the kitchen. Its best for you to design the stove near the window. So that, oil fumes immediately disappeared from the kitchen.

Freshen up Your Kitchen with Plants

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Other than using usual decoration, you can give a try to infuse life with the plant in the kitchen.  The plants surely will freshen up your kitchen. You can put one to three plants in the kitchen. Put it on top drawer or in the open shelving in your small kitchen. Like kitchen above, the combination white furniture and the green plants make natural ambience appear in the tiny kitchen.

Open Shelving for Small Kitchen More Spacious

source picture via instagram @ruma.ciel

One of 6 Small Kitchen Design Idea That Make A Big Impact is to create an open shelving in your small kitchen. This open shelving is more budget saving and can open up walls in the kitchen. So that, small kitchen look more airy. To make it more unique, you can add hanging wire mesh in the walls for hanging cooking ware.

 U Shaped Layout Kitchen

source picture via instagram @enji_monica

If you have narrow space in the kitchen, then U shaped kitchen design layout is the best for you. In this layout, the sink, stove even mini bar are formed within a small area. The storage can be use in the lower cabinet. The darker hues on U shaped kitchen table give more dramatic looks within the white wall. Some furniture, cooking ware and soft furnishing use yellow color to create beautiful contrast in this tiny kitchen.

Extend cupboard up to the ceiling

source picture via instagram @lidyapuspitasari

 If you prefer using cabinet than open shelving, than extend your upper cabinet up to the ceiling. This make it possible to save more cooking ware in the upper cabinet. Beside, ceiling is area that hardly to clean. It can be insect nest if you not diligently cleaning the ceiling. So make upper cabinet up to the ceiling is the best choice. 

White and Wooden Furniture For Warm and Cozy Kitchen


source picture via instagram @evermill

When it come to the kitchen, white and wooden furniture is a perfect combination. The white wall and kitchen table make kitchen look more modern and expensive. Beside, the walls and open shelving are designed by white color in order to make kitchen look more spacious. 

Wooden furniture and parquet floor bring warm atmosphere in the kitchen. You will enjoy your cooking hobbies in this cozy kitchen. 

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Hopefully you will be easier in making a dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family to be of benefit to others.

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