Cozy Living Room Furniture and Decor Ideas -- The living room is one of the importance rooms in a residence. The living room became the first area that visiting guest saw. Surely, you don't want the living room to look boring and lifeless, do you? Therefore, the design of the living room should look comfortable and pleasant to look at, so that we get a positive impression from neighbors, relatives, and guests.

Here we are presenting 6 Cozy Living Room Furniture and Decor Ideas. Hope you'll like it!

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Having only a quality sofa is not enough to make the living room look homey and cozy. You need to add sofa cushions, so the living room get comfy. When the guest sit in the chairs, they only are simply exposed to an upright way of sitting that feels stiff. If it's too long, sitting upright will cause a bit of back pain. The presence of these pads will make the guest feel more relaxed and comfortable when sitting on your lovely sofa.

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When talking about living room, in addition sofa seat, the presence of a coffee table has an important role. The coffee table is place where you put a drink for your guests. Without coffee table, you and your guest will find it difficult to serves and place the drinks in the living room. As on of recommendations, you can choose a coffee table that made of strong teak wood. As on the coffee table above, it has a unique shape and make the living room feel so homey.

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Retro style can be the choices of cozy living room. Don't need to worry, if the retro living room will look shabby and weird. Retro style with blend of bright and light colors makes the living room look bright and pleasant. On the walls, you can display vintage retro painting, so the dark wall look so lively.

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The empty walls will make the living room look so boring, so that sometimes it can give a sleepy effect. You can choose a minimalist decor but it has a great impact. For example, using a wall mirror in the living room. Mirrors with beautiful frames will give the illusion of a minimalist living rooms feels more spacious. In addition, this will wall also beautify the appearance of this cozy living room.

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Wood elements being known as furniture and decor that give a warm impression. You can use the parquet floor in your living room. This parquet provides a soothing earthy tone effect. In addition, put a wall decor like wooden planks  and heart shaped--that made by rustic wood twigs.


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Bring an unique neon blue shades to your living room. This neon blue comes from the LED light on the ceiling. This blue light give an unique dim vibe. When the living room is empty--no one around-- light up this neon light to make the living room not so dark and spooky.

Hopefully this article that titled 'Cozy Living Room Furniture and Decor Ideas' is useful for those of you design inspiration and house plans. Hopefully you will be easier in making a dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family to be of benefit to others.

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