How to Partition the Living Room From the Dining Area -- Having a minimalist house somehow we must design the living rooms and dining area by open floor plan style. To partition the living room from the dining area often troubles us. The inappropriate partition somehow make the room look boring and not stylish. In order not to eliminate the taste of modern interiors, we present the idea of partitions to block the living rooms in the house with open floor plans style.

The Dining Room Behind The Sofa

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You can design a dining room behind the sofa. The direction of the sofa and dining table are confronted opposite each other. This will give the impression of different spaces even within the same area. You can choose dining table with rattan and white color element to make it look like a natural beauty. 


Decorations of Plants as Partitions

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Decoration can be a bulkhead of two different space function. You can put the plants in the corner of the living room as the boundary of living room from the dining area. Also place the plants on the left and right side dining room, so that the room looks so fresh and harmonious. 

Dining Area in the Corner of the Space

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Another way to block the living room and dining area is to design a dining room in the corner of the house. Like the ones above. The living room and dining area seem to be separated by the walls, even though they are still in one room. This gives more privacy during the meals or while relaxing in the living room. 

Different Vibes between The Living Room from The Dining Area

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Giving different nuances can be used as way to partition the dining room from the the living room. It's a quite easy. All you have to do is choose furniture and decorations with a different vibe. Like the ones above. The living room is designed modern minimalist with a modern linear sofa in gray. While, the dining area uses wooden tables and chairs that loo ethnic and firm. In the dining area, you can install a down lamp with dim light, so that the atmosphere of the dining room feels more warm and romantic.

Contrast between The Living Room and The Dining Area

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You can partition the living room from the dining area by providing different contrasts to each other. You can design the dining room with a contrast of natural brighter light. Install a decorative lamp with dim light to make the dining room feels so warm yet beautiful. 

Unique Wooden Partition

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The easiest way to partition the dining area and living room is to install partitions made of wooden with unique bulkhead motifs. This type of partition is clearly become the boundary between the two rooms. With this partition, surely the privacy and comfort will obviously be obtained, in case you enjoy your meal or when you have visiting guest. 

Hopefully this article about 'How to Partition the Living Room From the Dining Area' useful for those of you design inspiration and house plans.Hopefully you will be easier in making a dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family to be of benefit to others.

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