Types of Living Room Themes That You Can Consider of The Years

Helloshabby.com -- Don't ever make your living room look so cold. Make it more beautiful with try applying the following theme to make the living room more lively and has it owns characteristic. The characterful living room will give an interesting impression. The visiting guest will always be in awe or at least feel so comfortable in your living room. On the other, you as the owner will have generate satisfaction when you design living room within your favorite theme. To find out, you just need to check this article 'Types of Living Room Themes That You Can Consider of The Years'

Tropical Living Room

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The tropical living room present a strong natural vibe. In the minimalist living room you can make tropical nuance with correct alignment. Its pretty simple. You just need these following step like living room above to make tropical living room. First, the windows should be made of glass. This kind of windows will make the living room look so spacious and so fresh. Second, you can try to put one pair of chairs and coffee table, that be made from wood material. Last but not least, put your favorite plants in the living room. This greenery will make the living room look so fresh and tropical. 


Vintage Living Room

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Vintage styles are now back as trend. You could put one arm less couch. This type of sofa is identical to the old school style. In addition, place an outdated desk and a radio in this living room. These decoration certainly make you reminisce about the sweet memories of old times, right?

Shabby Chic Living Room

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Shabby chic living room is suitable for those of you who  like the living room within a warm, soft and elegant impression. Shades of pink on the decor and furniture make the living room look so sweet and cozy. The walls use two different style, the first one use wallpaper with floral motif that makes the living room feel more vibrant. Meanwhile, on the other wall using white plank wood will give a little touch of rust on the appereance of this living room. 

Industrial Living Room

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Your minimalist living room will look so modern and elegant with an industrial theme. The metal elements and stripe motif usually come with masculine colors such as black, silver and silver. These masculine colors and motifs will will show a firm impression on industrial design.  Like the one above, you can pair a vintage leather sofas with wooden coffee table and a pair of chair that made from the metal element.

Living Room with Bohemian Touch

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Bohemian style is present that adopt from a spontaneous lifestyle that utilizes existing object. Bohemian design style is also attached to irregular condition, but typical of nomads who are synonymous with the concep of vintage aor ethnic design. 

The use of fabric has a quite important point. You can put a large carpet with quite bold colors. Soft furnishing like warm fabrics and pads with vintage look will make this bohemian living room look so soft and cozy.

Scandinavian Living Room

credit to ig @raniduan
The bright colors is one of the characteristic of Scandinavian look. The bright colors, like white and grey will make the room feel so spacious. Sofa with grey color with simple design is quite fit to be placed on this living room. The grey sofa will make this living room seems more elegant. You can add decoration with orange and gold accents to enhance the look of this living room.

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