6 Best Small Open Plan Kitchen Living Room Design Ideas

Helloshabby.com -- In minimalist houses there are times when we have to make an interior with an open plan concept. The open plan is a design that can make small house look spacious by not using the boundaries of space, such as walls or doors. You can apply it to the kitchen and living room design. Various arrangements and decorations will make your kitchen and living room look so airy and cozy. Interest in making small open plan kitchen living room design ideas? Just scrolling this page, and you'll find many ideas for your small open plan kitchen and living room.


It is right to design a small open plan kitchen living room in your minimalist house. There is simple way to make small open kitchen living room, just try the look in the kitchen above. You can put a mini bar as a partition the kitchen and living room area. Try to design the kitchen with industrial theme, the kitchen set is made from cement expose. This industrial kitchen give different vibe with the living room. So your home won't look monotonous.


The kitchen and living room are separated by built in refrigerator and dining room. In addition, the nuances presented are quite different. The living room area is made with wooden grilles and combine with glass windows, so that the living room feel bright and fresh. While in the kitchen using wooden kitchen set that make this minimalist kitchen feel warm and cozy.



A minimalist U shape kitchen is suitable for small open plan kitchen living room design ideas. The side of counter top can be used as two-room separator. The side of the counter top kitchen will be a partition, while providing a privacy for you, especially when you are cooking or serving drinks for your guest. 



Another way to make small open plan kitchen living room is to design a kitchen in the corner of the house. Like the small open plan kitchen above. The kitchen seem to be separated by the wall, but still in one space with the living room. We advice you to make the ceiling in order to give height in the small open plan design, so that the room feel more spacious.



Just add extra counter top in the kitchen as a partition in small open plan kitchen. This extra counter top can be made fused or separated from the kitchen set. By adding extra counter top, two different room look different one each other. Don't forget to add stool bar, in order to enjoy your extra counter top as mini bar or breakfast bar in your small open plan kitchen living room design.



Its always good to idea to design a kitchen that's more jutting in than the living room. This is to give the a more private kitchen impression, even in small open design. You can choose a clean look kitchen design, like the white color in furniture to give a spacious look even if your kitchen is on the narrow space. Insert a wooden elements in counter top kitchen so that the kitchen feel warm and homey. Also add a bar table as a partition of these two different room.


Hopefully this article that tiled by ''6 Best Small Open Plan Kitchen Living Room Design Ideas'' useful for those of you design inspiration and house plans.Hopefully you will be easier in making a dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family to be of benefit to others.

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