7+ Chic Ways to Style Your Bed on The Floor

Helloshabby.com -- Have you ever heard about a floor bed design ? A floor bed is a bed that's placed directly on the floor, without a bed frame. A floor bed design may be sound strange for many people, especially people in the U.S., but a floor bed is quite popular and often be used by Asian people. It's more simple and still present a comfy bedroom.

So, we've put together some floor bed design ideas that you can adapt in your bedroom. Check those ideas on  7+ Chic Ways to Style Your Bed on The Floor, below:

Keep it Simple

When you want to create a modern minimalist floor bed design, you can keep it simple by applying some neutral color in the bedroom. Then you mix a neutral color with other color that look bolder. This is done to make the room look chic. For instance, you can choose a white paint, some furnishings in neutral color and green decorations (the framed pictures, bedsheet and plants). So, your floor bed design will look lively. 

Floor Bed Concept for Small Bedroom Design

If you have a small room, then a floor bed design is highly recommended. Cause, a standard bed frame will make your room look more crowded. Or if you worry to sleep without a bed frame try to choose a short bedframe can be a good idea. It makes the room look spacious enough. 

Then pay attention to the mattress layout, put the mattress on the corner side of the room will leaves some space for latitude in the small bedroom.

Go High with A Bed Curtain

Creating a floor bed design also need a balanced lesson. A bed curtains will prevent your floor bed looks ramps and deflated. Besides, it is also good to make the room walls not look so empty. 

Be Bolder with Your Mattress Sheets

A neutral color goes well with another color that has a strong character. The neutral ones can be a base color. But, a strong color can be something that catches the eye or focal point. In the room with a neutral base color, pick a mattress sheets in red is a great idea.

Furniture Selection in Floor Bed Design

For more spacious room, say goodbye to the complicated furniture is right thing to do. Just keep a simple furniture to make the your bedroom more airy. For example, you can pick a ladder-shaped shelves wrapped around with decorative lamps. This furniture is not only useful to hang some fabrics, it also serves as a decoration that beautify your floor bed design. 

Play with Patterns

If you want the look of your room to look festive, even with simple furniture, try playing with the pattern on the decoration. Choose furniture and decoration with different patterns from each other to make your room look vibrant. 

Cheerful Floor Bed Design for Kid Bedroom

A floor bed or mattress on the floor design also highly recommended for the Montessori approach. The floor bed design allows your child to explore their own independence. But, it's not only good for your toddler, the floor bed design is good for children age 5+, because you don't need to worry about they will fall from the high bed frame and get hurt. 

Natural Lightening 

Don't forget about the lightening in your bedroom. A large window have a function to make your bedroom healthy and fresh. A large window will light up your bedroom in daylight, so it will save some energy and save your budget.  

That's all for 7 floor bed design. Hopefully those 7+ Chic Ways to Style Your Bed on The Floor are useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about mattress on the floor design. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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