A Happy and Bright House Design

Helloshabby.com -- How to have a happy and bright house? That question maybe once through your mind. Well, having a bright house is very important. A bright house can be giving a spacious impression to the room, so it's very useful for those of you who have a small house. A bright house design also could make the homeowner feel warm and energized and moreover it can dampen the room temperature to make the atmosphere of the house cool and relaxing at the same time. 

A certain color can create a bright house. A bright palette doesn't always to start with white color. Bright house can be created from a variety of color and decorations. So, it's never to be boring and somehow it can enhance happiness to the homeowner. 

Today, Helloshabby.com has selected a happy and bright house design! Check the review below:

A Bright Façade Design

Beige and white work great as base color in this façade design. This combination will make your façade have a clear look and spacious enough. It can make the decorations, like the houseplants shine more. 
Other than place some houseplants on the floor, some plants are also hung over the fences so that the façade area is not too hot due to  excessive sun exposure. Moreover, those plants can infuse the freshness in the façade. 

A Cozy Porch Design

Relaxing on the porch will be even more enjoyable with a comfortable sitting area. You can choose a set of wooden tables and chairs, this patio chair has a unique ethnic design and pattern. Although it's small, the design of this seating appears to blend with various plants placed on the terrace.

A Homey Living Room Design

A natural palette, such as beige, peach or cream color can make the atmosphere in the living room feel warmer. All-beige tone in the living room may seem too much, however the different pattern, shape and materials on some furnishings make the all-beige thing in this living room goes well together. The unique table also give a sophisticated touch to this living room. 

Infuse Some Plants

Plants are best friend for a happy and bright house design. It doesn't have to be much, you can put a plants or two in your room. The houseplants will make you feel relaxed and in love with your own home. 

Make it More Personal

A happy house can be presented by giving a very personal item in the room. For example, by placing some family photos in the wall, surely it can boost some warmness and closeness to the home atmosphere. 

A Minimalist Workspace

Design a workspace in all-white tone can give you a good focus point. You can think calmly and do your work efficiently. In order not to make the workspace monotonous, you can add some greenery in this room. The greenery also make this space fresher and lively.   

An Open Kitchen

It's a good idea to design a kitchen in open style-model. It's good to make the kitchen space feel airy. In addition, you can also feel the freshness of the wind while cooking. Cooking becomes more fun and anti-overheating. 

So, that's all for a happy and bright house design. You can create your by steal and adapt some ideas above into your own home. Don't forget to mention us in our Facebook: Home Design Picture

Hopefully that A Happy and Bright House Design above is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about home design. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Author      : Yeni
Editor       : Munawaroh
Source     : Various Source via Instagram

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