Best Minimalist Interior Design to Inspire You -- Minimalist house is one type of architecture whose elements in the design are based on the phrase less is more. Some spaces are kept in their simple shaped. Simplicity concept is realized through simple basic geometric shapes, main elements without much decoration, the use of simple materials and reps of building structures that look neat and organized, but still do not lose the essential quality of the design itself. 

Well, this kind of house is very suitable for those of you who're looking for a simple house with maximize warmth. You may not feel suffocating due to many things that scattered in the house. So, here it is, we've rounded up the best minimalist interior design to inspire you. Hope you'll like it. 

Say hello to a neutral base!

A neutral base creates a calm and fresh environment. You can choose the wall and the floor in white base, the white base is very easy to combine with other color.  A sofa in gray mix in naturally with the white walls. Other natural tone, like brown and beige color put in little accent to make this room look more lively. 

A bare walls, why not?

Less is more. One of its implementations is to make a bare wall. A bare wall with little decoration make your room more spacious. It's a good idea to install your TV in floating-mode, so that the bare wall won't look so empty and bland. 

Floating shelf to maximize storage

Other than use the sink cabinet, you can built a floating shelf on the bathroom. It's stronger than use wooden materials. The floating shelf is finished on beige color that become accents and make the bathroom look more stylish and elegant. In these floating shelf, even you can place decoration that quite heavy, because it's built in a permanent and strong way.

Play with texture in the bedroom

Although there aren't many decorations, you can give it texture in your bedroom. For example, make your walls shine with panel lights attached to the ceiling to the walls of the room. In addition, choosing bed linen with geometric patterns can also make your room more colorful. 

Keep it healthy

Living in a minimalist house may be reducing your stress, cause uncluttered room is make us relaxed more than the crowded space. But, keep your room to have enough large window. The window will make your space look brighter and healthier. 

Add some colorful accents

In order to avoid the interior look bland, add some colorful accents can be a good idea. You can paint the divider between kitchen and dining room in some pastel color. A little color can enrich the room and make your mood positively good. 

Simple and easy to upkeep

A stove, a sink and cover table kitchen are enough for a minimalist kitchen. Even look simple, but you can still do cook in this kitchen, right? A minimalist kitchen is easier to clean. The more stuff the more you have to clean and maintain, but the less stuff in your kitchen, the less you have to clean. 


Minimalist interior design is not as same as plain room. In order to make the kitchen look more visual appealing, you can add some textured-backsplash in gray color, that look so match with other kitchen appliances. This help to enrich the kitchen space. 

Hopefully those Best Minimalist Interior Design to Inspire You are useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about interior design in minimalist house. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Author      : Yeni
Editor       : Munawaroh
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