Small Minimalist Home with Cozy Interior Design -- Minimalist house are now increasingly famous and popular. This is because, a minimalist house design is suitable for those who have a small house. Somehow, the minimalist interior and exterior design make a small house look beautiful in simplicity. 

Many minimalist house have a simple, easy and efficient plan layout with the volume of space of stacked or into one or you can call called as open plan design. Therefore, it takes careful planning about interior and exterior design, so that the minimalist house always feels spacious, cozy and comfortable. 

Minimalist house don't have to be identical to white or any neutral color. Even if you want, you can give a colorful touch into it. Like in the house above. This minimalist house comes with a pink and such blue color theme that make this house look more colorful, bright and more pleasant to look at. For more details, let's check out this Small Pink Minimalist Home with Cozy Interior Design. 

Exterior Design

Let's talk about the fences. This house has a combination fence design of brick walls and a sliding gate. The brick walls is consist of ceramics in natural stone pattern. In the middle part there is rain glass to make the terrace brighter in daylight. While, s sliding gate made from anti-rust galvanized metal with wood plank as cover fence. Both kind of fence create such natural and modern exterior design in this house. 

A Minimalist Terrace Design

You can design an exterior wall high enough to block out the sun exposed to the terrace area. As on the terrace of the house owned by @fathyanhouse above. The high exterior wall in addition to preventing the heat of the sun, also makes the house feel cooler. 

Bring the Plant to the Terrace

If you don't have enough space to build a garden, you can choose a terrace as well as your minimalist garden. Bring your houseplant to the terrace, then arrange them in the right position. Make some built-in cabinet as plant shelf also good idea. Even hang some plants under canopy will make your terrace look so lively and fresh. By right arrangement,  it won't disrupt the in and out to your house. 

The Paint

The wall exterior is painted two colors, pink and white. Both color is good when it combines with other bright color, such as blue, green and orange. But, as to make it look more attractive, the homeowner also add a white wall foam in brick style design. 

The Cozy Living Room Design

If you're kinda bored with standard sofa design, you can choose a set of bench teak as living room seating. It has sturdy and firm design, that make your living room have a strong character. In the U.S., a bench as living room seating may be sound weird, but a set of bench teak as living room seating is so popular in Southeast Asia, especially in Java, Indonesia. The sturdy bench give the impression of elegance and luxury in traditional way. 

Bedroom Design 

In minimalist interior design, you don't need so many accessories or decoration in the bedroom. Such a bright color like blue is more than enough to enliven the bedroom nuances. Just place a little decoration that placed on a floating shelf to give you a positive mood in the bedroom.

Minimalist Dining Room Design

The dining room is placed next to the indoor garden. There are several benefits of this placement. The dining room will certainly feel wider than the actual size, in addition as the skylight roof will make this room look bright during the day. 

Minimalist Kitchen Design

Maybe you're wondering, why are curtains put under the counter top? In fact, many kitchens in Southeast Asia are made with a permanent model that leaves empty space under the counter top. Sometime, the empty space is made into a kitchen cabinet, while the other left empty as gas stove storage. When left empty, usually people will close it with kitchen curtains so that the kitchen looks neat. 

Hopefully those Small Minimalist Home with Cozy Interior Design  are useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about minimalist house design ideas. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Author      : Yeni
Editor       : Munawaroh
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