10+ Small TV Room Ideas on a Budget

Helloshabby.com -- Watching TV programs becomes one of timeless entertainment. Therefore, designing a TV room in the house remains as a fun home entertainment alternative. Relaxing while watching favorite TV program together also strengthen the closeness with your partner. But, when designing a TV room you don't need a super advance TV with exclusive (and expensive) sofa. You can present a comfy TV room on a budget. Leave the sofa behind and pick on a budget decoration, it can make your TV room cozy and comfy to use. For your inspirations, check out 10+ Small TV Room Ideas on a Budget

Leave The Sofa Change with Rug

Buy additional sofa for TV room could cost you a lot of money. Besides, a sofa size may not be sufficiently enough in your TV room. As an alternative, you can pick a rug then place it in front of the TV. Watching TV while sitting on the rug still feels comfortable enough. 

TV Layout

Make sure you watch TV with a safe distance, for example for a TV size of 20 inches, a safe distance to watch at least 2.54 meters. Moreover, not all TVs can be placed in all rooms because each room has a different shape and needs. In order not to be mistaken in choosing, you should pay attention to the size of the room and your TV size.

Small TV for Small Room

If you plan to put a TV in the room then choose a TV that is not too big so that the room does not feel full and your mobility is not disturbed. The most ideal TV size to place there is between 21 and 32 inches, so there is still some space place other furniture.

Pick a Minimalist  TV stand

Other than using a special TV backdrop, where is it to place a TV? You can pick a minimalist TV stand design. This TV stand complete by some shelves, that you can use as storage to keep your things, like TV remote or CD player. 

Go Bold in Red

You can design your TV room with your favorite color. A passionate red also look good becomes a TV room design. The red things combine with black or white furniture still looks so good. 

Corner Spot for TV Room Design

Don't have enough space for a  TV room? Well, if you still have a bit of space in the corner of your room, you can change that became a minimalist TV room. Just a TV and a rug is more than enough to have a comfy TV room. 

Go Sweet in Pink

A pink is sweet. For those of you who love pink interior design, the choosing pink decorations in your TV room is  a good idea. Play some pattern in pink decorations will make your TV room is enough to vibrant your TV room. 

Elegant Minimalist TV Room

Other than pink, you can choose a TV room in gray or silver themed. Both color make your TV room look so elegant and luxury, even if you just place a standard TV and minimalist TV stand on it. 

Play the Pattern

If you choose a black and white themed as your TV room design, we recommend you to pick a rug in geometrical pattern in order make your TV room not look so monotonous. 

The Lighting

Don't forget about the lighting in the TV room. For a romantic and cozy atmosphere, put a decorative lamp under the bamboo decorations is a great choice. Don't forget to pick the lamp with dim light. 

Floating Shelf

If you don't place your TV in floating mode, you can make some floating shelf to display the decorations. The floating shelf will make your TV room look more lively and pleasant to look at. 

Hopefully those Small TV Room Ideas on a Budget are useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about mxx. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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