Cozy Japanese Style Minimalist House -- The Japanese-style house is being known for its Zen feel, which is peaceful and full of simplicity. Although simple and minimalist, Japanese house still make the occupant feel comfortable and homey. Japanese house tend to restore the simplicity in everyday life to the form of comfy building. 

This is what makes the Japanese-style house design is often be used all over the world, both in traditional and upgraded with modern version. The concept of simplicity give some ease, practicality, and a peace of mind. You can also apply Japanese style home design to your home. For your inspirations, keep reading for Cozy Japanese Style Minimalist House, below: 

Exterior Design

The Japanese-style houses are very typical with the use of wooden elements. Wood elements can provide a good harmonization between your home and nature. The pine tree is often be used due to its sturdy and durability. In the house above, the wood material used as window frame and door design, which clearly give the impression of a traditional-modern Japanese-style house. 

Spacious Terrace Design

The Japanese-style houses are usually had a spacious terrace or veranda, that called as engawa. This area becomes a link area between the outside and inside  the house. This spacious terrace also becomes a place to relax and enjoying the fresh air. 

A Large Window for Natural Lighting

You can choose a spacious window to maximize the lighting in your home room.  The window above is just had function to channel light into the room. You can't open the window or expect the wind to come in. Even so, the design is quite simple yet elegance. 

Go Modern with Modern Decor 

Japanese houses are generally used a lot of simple and minimalist furniture. But, in order to give the feel of the room that remains modern and up to date, you can choose modern decorations such as the unique wall clock above. 

Simple TV Room Design

Get cozy by enjoy your weekend in this TV room. The Japanese-style is matching really well with a Scandinavian look. A TV room in black and white furniture with a bit of wooden furniture create a cozy and comfy minimalist TV room design. 

This is the design of the hallway leading to the bathroom. The design of the hallway looks bright thanks to the high ceiling and the many light vents in the house.

The Flooring Design

By choosing a glossy ceramics in natural brown motif. A glossy flooring look so luxurious. Pick a floor that look glossy but actually have rough surface, so that you do not easily get slip. 

The Layout 

The design of the room is quite simple, so that it will be very easy to organize the design of the room. If you're tired of the layout of the room, just move some of your furniture in a new arrangement, and you'll get a new room feel.

Bathroom Design

Your small bathroom will look more charming thanks to the use of 3-dimensional geometric motif ceramics. Just a standard toilet and shower is more than enough to create a minimalist bathroom in a Japanese-style home.

Hopefully those Cozy Japanese Style Minimalist House is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about minimalist house. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Author      : Yeni
Editor       : Munawaroh
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