Creative Lofts Design to Gain More Floor Space -- Loft designs are wonderful for small home or  small studio apartments. It can be effectively increased more floor space in your home. Vertically utilized space makes the home more efficient, and it won't make you feel claustrophobic. One of the traditional ways to use lofts design in the home is by placing a bedroom in the lofted area. Although it is located in a fairly limited space, but feels very comfortable and still able to look more spacious. Here are some ideas of Creative Lofts Design to Gain More Floor Space.

A Cozy Interior Design with Loft Bed

Despite its small size, the right furniture arrangement can make this modern loft apartment look aesthetic. The minimalist theme with shades of light and calm colors make this loft apartment look so not monotonous. You can add color accents to furniture such as a set of dining table in bright red color that becomes to make the room look more stylish. 

TV Area

A home or even small apartment in loft-designed rooms allow you to create a variety of function in one space. You can even have a special space for a TV area to enjoy your favorite TV show. Generally, in rooms with lofts have a space-saving furniture design, so the room doesn't look crowded. Therefore, the option of utilizing the wall as a backdrop to TV and some place to display decorations is very great idea. 

Loft Bed Design

This loft bedroom with all-wood concept is suitable for those of you who like rustic design as an interior theme.  The material of the loft floor is the same as the ceiling, so it looks solid and give a clear themed-look. 

You can also add lighting with warm effect, such as hang lamps with dim lights on.  Dim shades combined with everything from wood will certainly make your sleep better, even if you sleep at certain height of the floor.

A Clothes' Storage Design

The upper floor is used as a sleeping room, underneath it is used as a storage room for clothes. Your tiny space becomes more efficient! Choose a clothes' storage design with an open model can make your room look more airy. 

So, how it is? Are you interested enough in applying the concept of a house or even room with lift design? Based on the pictures above, what design is your favorite? Send your comment to our Facebook fan page. 

Hopefully those Small Homes That Use Creative Lofts to Gain More Floor Space ideas are useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about loft design ideas. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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