Home Hacks: 8 Tips to Design Your Home's Interior

Helloshabby.com -- When building a house, there are many design options that make us feel overwhelming. If that's the case, it's a good idea to look for home interior design inspiration that you really like. You can consult to an interior designer or simply look at some inspiring images of interior design on the Helloshabby.com site. 

We not only present pictures of the home interior. We also try to give you some tips to make a comfy and cozy home interior design. Some of these tips we took from the house belonging to one Instagram user who has enthusiasm for the design and home decor. Check out the full review in the article  Home Hacks: 8 Tips to Design Your Home's Interior, below: 

1. Provide Natural Lighting

Don't let your house feel dark and stuffy. If necessary you can design a large window inside your living room. Choose a window with a stylish design that will make a living room look classic and luxurious. Even this large stylish window is enough to be the focal point in this living room. 

2. Leave the Sofa Behind

If you separate the design of the living room and the TV room, eliminating the sofa in the TV room can be an option. In addition to saving budget, the design of a TV room without a sofa will make your room feel more spacious. 

3. Choose neutral and bright color paint 

The homeowner chooses white and light cream color as the theme of each room's display. This color combination make the room feel airy, bright and look so sweet and warm. 

In this kitchen, the homeowner also hung a curtain  to cover kitchen underside, so the kitchen look more neat and pleasant to look at. 

4. Children's Room Decorations

In order for the child to dare to sleep alone, also add some decorations in their room. If your daughter like pink color and such a princess theme, make it as the main decorations in the children's bedroom. You can pick a white patterned bedding, pink-white wall decorations and so on. 

5. Minimalist Bathroom

You can avoid claustrophobia by designing your bathroom in white. The white color gives the illusion of a room that looks more spacious. Add patterned decorations to make your white bathroom look not so monotonous. 

6. Plants to add life

Plants can indeed make the atmosphere of the room feel so cool and fresh. You can also put plants in your living space, if there is not enough space, put your plants in a stacking rack to keep your room looking neat.

7. Precision Layout

The eyes prefer the look of a balanced-looking space. To do so, you can arrange the furniture on your porch with precision styling. 

8. Design Your Ceiling

Don't miss designing the ceiling of your houses. The ceiling also has visual value  to your room. You can give a touch of colors like yellow and golden brown along the line on the ceiling. So, your ceiling look more special. 

Hopefully those Home Hacks: 8 Tips to Design Your Home's Interior  are useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about home design. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Author      : Yeni
Editor       : Munawaroh
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credit pictures:   instagram/rumah_angin +@maysarah25_81

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