Minimalist House with Blush Pink Interior Inspiration Ideas -- Pink doesn't have to be girly. If you like interior design in pink color but do not want your home to look too girly or cheery, then choose blush pink color as interior themed is a great idea. It gives you such a soft and elegant touch to your house. It also quite perfect to be interior themed in a minimalist house. The blush pink will make your minimalist or small house look so elegant and luxurious. Even small or simple furniture in the blush pink will stand out more. Well, if you interest in blush pink interior ideas, keep reading for Minimalist House with Blush Pink Interior Inspiration Ideas, below. We try to give you some ideas to bring the blush pink into your home. 

Blush Pink Living Room Ideas

A blush pink sofa will look beautifully even when you put that in the corner of your home. The homeowner also place three-way mirror, so the living room look bigger than the actual size. 

Open Plan Design

Open plan design is good ideas for small or minimalist home design.  In one space you can have two different room. It's not always sound bad. For example, you can combine the living room and dining room in one space. It's quite saving space. Open plan design is also perfect ideas for rallying sharing, it allows for individual activities and social togetherness happen in same place.

Blush Pink and White Color

The blush pink decor goes well with a neutral color, such as white, silver, natural brown, even some rose gold color. But the white is always popular choice to pair up with blush pink. Look at the picture above. The white color work as base color, then the blush pink in some furniture became the focal point of the room. 

Blush Pink Bedroom Idea

Blush pink indeed elegant and giving you such a peace of mind. But, it doesn't mean you can go creative with the blush pink. Go creative, go unique with the blush pink. For instance, make your walls in random line pattern in blush pink and rose gold color is great idea to enliven your blush pink bedroom. 

Modern Bathroom Sink

As we said before, you can pick a white color as base color then decorate it with the blush pink. Like the sink above, the white things in the sink area make the room look spacious enough. But, by giving the blush pink and other elements (in the same hue with the blush pink) make this space feel so modern and aesthetic at the same time. 

Bathroom Design in a bit of Blush Pink

Create a bathroom in all blush pink look can make your bathroom look so boring and monotonous. No need to paint your bath tube in blush pink color, too much pink maybe can suffocate you. A bit of blush pink of your doormat, towels, and other decoration is surely enough to accent your bathroom well. 

Makeup Room Idea

When decorate a makeup room, make sure you have adequate storage to keep your things in place and well organized. If your wall look so empty, look at the wall art. If you still have enough space, hang some decoration in the wall. And use lighting to enhance your makeup table also good idea to create a pretty minimalist makeup room at home. 

Hopefully those Minimalist House with Blush Pink Interior Inspiration Ideas are useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about mxx. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Author      : Yeni
Editor       : Munawaroh
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