Modern Tropical Minimalist House with Vibrant Decorations -- Tropical house does present its own freshness. Tropical impression itself can be presented through the structure of the building or decoration of the house. Since talking tropical building structures is quite complicated, then another idea to create a house with tropical elements is by decorating the house. Various plants as tropical house decoration. We believe that those various plants can bring a fresh tropical vibe into your home. 

Beyond that, we also try to present the complete interior design of the house with vibrant decorations. We hope that these Modern Tropical Minimalist House with Vibrant Decorations is useful for you, who're looking for a modern tropical house design. 

Materials and plants that make the terrace cooler

To create a tropical vibe terrace that is not too hot, you can use tiled floors that make the terrace feel colder. As on the terrace above. This terrace has a floor color with masculine nuances that make the terrace look cooler. In the terrace is also placed the greenery with dense leaves to make the terrace feel more natural and fresh. 

The Seating Design

If your patio garden is so shady and cool, you can design a seating place that looks like a log (actually it's made of solidified cement). This seating design will complete your relaxing time in the tropical patio garden. 

TV Room Design

If you have a minimalist house, the design of the sitting area can be made with the model as above, sit on the rug. The sofa is replaced with a large rug to make the room feel more spacious and airy. Add plants such as a snake plant that can purify the air. 

Dining Room Design

Although small and quite in a little amount, the design of the room in this house always presents indoor plants to provide fresher view and fresh air, including in the dining room. So in addition, the decoration of the walls that look so vibrant, indoor plants also make the atmosphere in this dining room feel more lively. 

Vibrant Kitchen

We realized there are some people who prefer the look of a crowded and lively kitchen. But there are also those who prefer a kitchen that is minimalist and does not look so crowded. If you belong to the first group, the kitchen design above can be exemplified. One of the tips to make it happen is to choose backsplash with ceramics with crowded patterns and colors. If you're saving money, you can coat the white walls of the kitchen with patterned stickers. 

Bring some flowers into your living room

Research from Rutgers University said that flowers can increase a positive emotion in mental health and improve life satisfaction. That's why we recommended you to place some flowers (in the artificial ones) to keep your mood happy. 

Kid's room ideas

If your child really love the Doraemon character, you can design your kid's room in blue and Doreaemon themed. Add a string lamp in blue light that make the room look more vibrant. 

Blue sofa and Lilac Wall

If you choose a shaded paint color as wall color, then try to pick a piece of furniture in more vibrant color. For example, this pop blue sofa is perfect in a living room that has lilac-colored walls.

Hopefully those Modern Tropical Minimalist House with Vibrant Decorations are useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about home inspiration. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Author      : Yeni
Editor       : Munawaroh
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