Teenage Bedroom Ideas Your Kids Can't Help But Love

Helloshabby.com -- It's so nice to decorate our children's room with colorful and cute things.  But, don't forget that there will be a time when they grow up. Of course, they will need a bedroom design that suits better with their age. 

There are many ways to make a teenage bedroom look good. But most importantly, you should pay attention to the psychological transition from childhood to adolescence. Their fondness for big dolls and colorful things may be slightly diminished. More or less is the same situation as what Andy experienced in Toys Story Movies, there will be a time when toys in their room are replaced with posters of their favorite singers. 

So, here it is keep reading for some tips for decorating a teenager's bedroom. 

Just a simple and cozy room is enough

Teenage boys usually tend to like a simple rooms. The reason, because yes some of them are so lazy to clean their own room. Therefore, a simple bedroom design can also be a choice of ideas for teenage boy's room. 

A standard single fits the need of growing teens. It is also good enough to save on some space. You can choose vinyl flooring to make their room feel warmer. Advice them to add plants as decorations and air freshener in their room.  

Provide an open shelving 

It's best to have an open shelf to help them organize their things. An open shelves make it easy for them to pick up and rearrange needed school items, such as books for example. The open shelves also make the decor in the room neatly arranged and make the room look so good. 

Make the most of tiny space

It's okay if you have small bedroom for your teenager kid. There are many ideas to make the most of tiny space bedroom. The empty wall is the best place to hang some decorations and mirror. Bring on the bedsheet and blanket on  pumpkin color to add some color accent in the room. Use a handy mini ladder-shaped rack to hang clothes or blankets in their room.

Choose Bold Geometric Pattern

When you decide to have on floor bed design, keep the floor  warm by laying out the warm rug. Pick a rug in bold geometric pattern to add structure and texture on the teenage bedroom. 

Irregular stripes accents

Most of the teenage bedroom above are predominantly white. Well, we believe that even with white color it will create a look that is sophisticated enough. The white color is also easier to combine with any colors and any patterns. For example, you can add irregular stripe accents to your white walls. It's good enough to appeal to your teenager without looking so dreary or gloomy. 

Space-saving furniture ideas

Having a small bedroom for a teenage means you have to working together well with your kid to make the most of a small space in an easy and good arrangement. On the small space, pick a single wardrobe is quite enough to keep your kid clothes. A minimalist floating study table with more floating upper cabinets is a good idea to make the room feel more spacious and airy. More spacious the room, it will make the children get comfy on their own space. 

Hopefully those Teenage Bedroom Ideas Your Kids Can't Help But Love  is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about kid's bedroom ideas. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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