The Best Minimalist Home Design Ideas to Inspire You -- Limited land and the high cost of building a house, make us ( always want to present a minimalist house with a simple design, easy to replicate and certainly provide maximum comfort. 

Actually, choosing a minimalist house design is not the same as you can build a house at a low cost. But at least, we believed that a minimalist house that have simplicity and practicality concept can slightly reduce the cost of building a house.

There are many modern minimalist house design, but we present a home inspired by modern homes in Southeast Asia with a slick interior design and look so comfortable. Check out the full reviews, below: 

Home Exterior Design

Be bold to apply your favorite colors to the exterior design of the house. For example, the purple house above. The purple one combine with white and black in natural stone make the house look  striking but still gives such a peace of mind to the one who sees that. It's due to the purple color that be chosen to have a darker shade that gives a bit of calming effect.

The Natural Lighting 

When designing a house, make sure you design enough windows to pass sunlight into the house, so that your home becomes brighter. If you want, you can make part of your wall full of windows to make sure your house is bright and warm by sunlight. 

Laundry Room Design

It's a good idea to design a laundry room beside the open space. You can dry the clothes in the fresh air which is better than drying clothes in enclosed space. Add a bit of accents like pink doormat to present fresh impression. 

Bathroom Design

A classic white bathroom with a shower and sink. But, in Southeast Asia, even you have a shower spray to wash your body, many of them still provide a tube of water. The most popular one is Terrazzo water tub or the local said as Gentong Bali. 

Toilet Design

To keep your bathroom from looking gloomy, add accents like blue wall stickers that give it a nice light color. You can also add stickers to the toilet seat to make it look more attractive. 

A Door In the Kitchen

It is good to design a kitchen close to an open space, that's why provide a door or window near that accesses out of the house. This is to make your kitchen feel fresher, you also can reduce the budget to buy a cooker hood, because the smoke of the cooking process is easily carried away by the natural wind from the outside of the house. 

A Single Wall Design

For a minimalist house, a kitchen in single wall design is a very good choice. Just a table kitchen that placed closed to the wall can make your kitchen look wider. This kitchen also equipped by a curtain. These curtains are used to cover up the under kitchen table, that mostly be used as a storage. 

Study Room Design

The room is painted in lilac purple. This color is enough to give you a calming effect and make you more focused. To avoid looking boring, try to choose furniture with other brighter colors to make it look more colorful. 

A Simple Mini Breakfast Table

Presenting a mini breakfast table close to the garden can make your breakfast time feel more fresh and pleasure. It can give you such a happy vibe in the morning.  

Master Bedroom Design

The purple-lilac color goes well with the pink color. That's why it make the bedroom look so cozy and soft. When you need some place to hang your clothes, considering to choose ladder-shaped shelves, so you can hang your clothes in the bedroom. 

Living Room Design

A great artwork work perfectly to make the living room look so elegant and beautiful. You do not need extra additional wall decor, cause this great painting is enough to enliven the room. 

Hopefully that  "The Best Minimalist Home Design Ideas to Inspire You"  is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about home design. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Author      : Yeni
Editor       : Munawaroh
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