6 Dream Kitchen Extension Ideas

Helloshabby.com -- The kitchen is the heart of the home. That's where you and your family members work, cook, eat, socialize and relax. Therefore, a comfortable kitchen design is needed to support all needs. If you're having trouble with limited kitchen space, building a kitchen extension can be the good solution to that.

One of the best way to make kitchen extension ideas is to build an open-plan or semi-open kitchen, it is the best to extended space. Kitchen extension allow you to gain more space, create a more space for dining and preparing food, even helping you to achieve a more social engagement by looking at the fresh atmosphere of the garden. 

If you're kind interested in kitchen extension ideas, keep reading for 6 dream kitchen extension ideas below:

A kitchen with a view


Open the kitchen with a glass or some sides. Make the kitchen and dining furniture face toward the garden, so that the users can enjoy the scenery of the garden while eating or talking in the dining and kitchen space. Kitchen extension that  adjacent to the garden will also make the room feels brighter and airier. 

Semi-open kitchen extension ideas


Enjoy your time in the kitchen while feeling the freshness in the kitchen. Make the garden as indoor an garden by adding skylight on it. So that, you can enjoy the freshness of garden scenery while cooking, eating, and relaxing in the kitchen, whatever the weather conditions is. 

Install an island kitchen


Having a large kitchen extension is not completed without  proper furniture. In the large of kitchen space, add an island on it. An island can be used as dining  as well as preparing food space. Match the island kitchen beautifully with a rustic flooring. 

Install a skylight 


Lighting is key kitchen extension component to generate a bright and airy kitchen atmosphere, making it suitable for social and entertaining purposes. Skylights will ensure natural daylight comes in. You can also reduce the cost of using electricity during the day from the the skylight roof. 

Plan the layout


Think carefully about the right layout for your kitchen extension. Does your kitchen fit for a galley kitchen, an island, or an L-shaped and U-shaped kitchen? If you've found a suitable kitchen layout, create a lasting impression with the white interior. The white things give you classic to timeless impression. 

Warm up your kitchen extension


The warm nuance of the kitchen extension will make  will make eating together more comfortable. The warm atmosphere can be obtained by choosing a kitchen set and kitchen appliances in brownish colors and glossy surface. Choose a high-end design to give a luxurious modern impression.

Hopefully those 6 Dream Kitchen Extension Ideas are useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about kitchen ideas. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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