6 Small Kitchen Design That Won't Sacrifice Your Style

Helloshabby.com -- Having a small kitchen its own advantages and disadvantages. The small kitchen makes it easier for us to set up the kitchen. But, the small kitchen also makes us limited to putting a lot of stuff in the kitchen. Even so, the design of the kitchenette is still an option because it is more space-efficient and practical.

It's okay if you have a small kitchen, it's never be a big problem anyway, cause a small kitchen can be decorated into attractive and comfy kitchen design. You just need to choose the right kitchen interior elements and the attractive decoration. You can have a beautiful small kitchen without having to sacrifice your style. 

Simple High-end Small Kitchen Design


Simplicity is a new design. You can apply a simple kitchen design to provide comfort while cooking. Simple doesn't mean it has a mediocre look. Choose kitchen set design and kitchen furniture with matte-glossy finish that makes the kitchen look modern and high-end. 

More space without upper cabinet


Pay attention to the size of the small kitchen you have. If it feels too small and becomes stuffy when added upper cabinet, you can eliminate the upper cabinet. More visible white walls wall make the small kitchen feel more spacious and airy. Instead, you can create floating shelves to put decorations or other cooking spices. 

Fresh Open Kitchen Design


Although small you can get a kitchen design that feels more spacious and fresh. One way to do is to design a small kitchen adjacent to the side open garden. Use rolling glass doors to make the garden view visible from the inside. If you feel  stiflingly hot, just open the door and let the wind refresh you. 

Bright Yellow Kitchen Design


The small kitchen won't always look  stuffy. You can change it to look more attractive according to your taste. Make use of the cabinet to store a variety of kitchen utensils. If necessary create a ceiling-high upper cabinet to maximize storage. Use kitchen island model to make you can do cooking activities at a special space. Don't forget to apply a color theme to your taste, such as choosing yellow for a bright and pleasant kitchen atmosphere. 

Single Wall Kitchen Design


Kitchen with a single-wall layout is often found in apartments, rental homes and small detached home. A single-wall kitchen allows you to prepare, cook and clean-up in a one space,  which is very convenient to do. It can make your small space remain open and look spacious enough. 

Small L-shaped Kitchen Design


L-shaped kitchen design can also be applied to the kitchen located in the corner area of the house. The L-shape of the kitchen set will occupy the space perfectly. In the same place, you will get services, such as sink, prep table, and stove in the same area, which is very efficient. Use a touch of pastel blue to make the kitchen look even better and more charming. 

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