Open Concept Home with Plenty of Natural Lights --  The best way to make a small house feel comfortable and fun, can be done by carrying the concept of an open house. An open concept is a type of floor plan where walls are taken out out and the living space merge into one. People can move from one room the the next, without a hassle.

Open concept floor also also make your home seem bigger. The best pairing for an open concept home is the presence of large windows to allow natural light to enter and brighten up the living-space. Plenty of  natural lights will make your little house brighter and fresher. You can also save more electricity with a lot of sunlight. 
So, here it is you can check out the review about open concept home with plenty of natural lights. 

Home Exterior Design

The lines in the exterior of this house give a fairly firm wooden accent. This vertical line makes the shape of the house appear higher. On the other hand, the use of glass doors makes the house look bright, but if the sun shines too hot the living room area will also feel hotter. Therefore, planting leafy shady trees in front of the house can be done to make the house shady and cooler. 

Spacious Veranda for Relaxing Time

Although you have small homes, try to present an open space. You can use it as a relaxing space and a place to hang out with your friends. Also create a green open space, to provide a fresh view that makes gathering more enjoyable. 

A Glass Door for Plenty of Natural Lights

Open-plan houses are incomplete without windows or glass doors for air access and lighting in the house. Natural light will make your home brighter and more spacious. However, in order not to get so hot you can put up curtains to prevent the sun from overheating.

Setting the Furniture Layout and Direction

Do not let the existing room seem to accumulate into one, you can arrange the layout and direction of the furniture. Give a visual barrier between rooms with the use of furniture. For example, by putting cabinets, shelves, to sofa. Use floor decorations, for example the different rug can make the open space has different function, but has one similar view. 

Bunker Bed for Place Efficiency

Limited space can be maximized by choosing a bunker bed design. The upper part can be used as a bed, while at the bottom it is used as a private space, such as a place to relax, a place to read and a special space for healing. 

Semi-Open Concept Kitchen

The semi-open concept kitchen is quite good for cooking. When the air becomes too hot, you can open the door and the window to make the fresh air comes into the kitchen. The single wall kitchen design makes the cook, food preparing and washing dirty dishes in one space. 

Pendant Light in Dining Space

Pendant lights will never go out of style. This lamp can give a warm classic touch to the dining room, especially when it's dinner time. For the interior design of the dining room, you can choose furniture with Scandinavian theme in white and light brown color to make the room look elegant minimalist. 

Less Decorations for More Spacious Space

For a small bedroom, you can negate the decoration on the wall or floor. This method does make the bedroom look simpler, but you don't have to think about the room decoration that should be suitable for your bedroom. Just make sure you have a window with curtains to make your bedroom healthier. 

Neatly Arranged Bathroom

Even if it's small, your bathroom can be made neater and airier. Make use of the wall area for toiletries storage. For a small space, you can add a mirror to the wall. Not only to make it easier for you to touch up, but the presence of a mirror will make the space feel more spacious.  

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