6 Yellow Home Decor Ideas for a Bright and Happy Space

Helloshabby.com -- Color is believed to provide a certain atmosphere and feel  in a residence. Want the house to feel warm and soothing? Therefore, choosing neutral colors or earthy tone can be an option for a calm and soothing home decor ideas.  On the other hand, if you want the feel of the house to feel bright, fresh and lively, we recommend that you choose a choice of  pop  bright colors, such as sunny yellow, red, bright blue and others. 

This time, we would like to discuss decorating ideas for the house with a yellow pop color theme. The owner of this house is brave enough to apply bright sunny yellow color to be applied to the exterior and interior decoration of the house. The result, the house look so stunning and pleasant. For those of you who love yellow or just want to have a house that looks bright and fun, maybe the design of this yellow house can be your reference. 

Yellow is a good color for a house

If you like yellow even until it is said yellow lover, then there is no harm in applying yellow color as a finishing option for the exterior design of the house. This yellow color will increase the house's curb appeal in different ways, more bright and fun. Complement the yellow color with some neutral colors like gray and white accent to balance the visual appealing of your house's curb. 

Get creative with wall

The home's veranda can also be used for a relaxing room. So, don't let it look mediocre. You can pour your creations by creating geometric painted walls in shades of yellow. This wall is an attraction for your porch. Place one pair of outdoor chairs to enjoy a pleasant outdoor freshness.

Bright pop yellow colors with more calm colors

When choosing an all-yellow house idea, also pay attention to the choice of colors that compliment yellow. Too many things in yellow can make the room too flashy. Sofa sets, coffee tables and stacking shelves in yellow look better surrounded by wallpaper in a faded blue color, so that the colors in this room do not collide with each other. 

Multifunctional plants

There's no harm in putting plants in a yellow room. Green and yellow still look good. Plants can be air filters and room fresheners. Plants can also act as decorations that add visual appeal to your space. It is best to place the plants in the corners of the room, so as not to interfere with indoor activities. 

Tropical Vibe Kitchen

Choosing tropical accent to complement the yellow kitchen is very perfect idea. It can also be done in easy and inexpensive way. You don't have to present a kitchen with full of dense plants in order to create tropical atmosphere. Even with a bit of sticker in your refrigerator and bathroom's door it can create such a happy tropical space. 

Panel lamp for bright and happy kitchen

Don't forget the lighting in the kitchen. Attach a panel light under the upper cabinet to make it easier for you to cook and illuminate anything on the counter top. The collection of your kitchenware in yellow colors will also look radiant and look very pretty. 

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