7 Stylish Floating Shelf Ideas - Create Extra Storage Space

Helloshabby.com -- The best way to liven up the atmosphere in a room is by decorating the walls of the room. In addition to displaying family photos and painting frames, you can also make the use of the walls as additional storage by installing floating shelves on the walls.

The shelves appear to float against the wall can be used as bookshelf and place to display room decorations. There are many ideas and types of these floating shelves. Here we present some inspiration of floating shelf that can be used as gallery wall and extra storage space in your room. 

Honeycomb Floating Wall Shelves

Honeycomb floating wall shelves becomes one of the most popular forms of floating shelves. It's due to its hexagonal shape that resembles a unique and beautiful honeycomb. You can pick honeycomb floating shelves in millennial pink and light blue colors, to make your walls look sweeter than ever. 

Create a playful display

Have fun with colors and shapes when you group shelves of different size into 3-D wall collage. This 3-D wall collage can work as focal point that make the plain walls look more vivid and colorful. 

Accessorize Your Work Desk

For those of you who work in the creative field, the design of your workspace should also be made as creative as possible, right? Create a wall gallery in your workspace. You can display some decorations on it and make it as extra storage for your important notebooks. Beautify it by attaching 3-d floral stickers to add interesting accent into your workspace. 

Floating Stacking Shelves

The arrangement of your floating shelves will also determine the beauty of the gallery wall you create. Choosing a model of floating tiered stacking shelves can be an option to make the wall  look more dimensional. The flat area on the floating shelf can be used to put decorative flower decorations, alarm clocks to your favorite dolls. 

Floating Shelves for Exclusive Look

The walls are indeed the barriers of the room. But don't let the walls look so empty. You can install floating shelves to make your room decoration easier to see. Choose a floating shelf with parallel arrangements to make your wall decorations look symmetrical too. 

Go with Skinny Stacks

For a minimalist space, the sleek and skinny floating rack design is quite good. This floating shelf is also handy enough to put some of your books and decorations. Select the floating rack with the contrasting colors of the wall to make it stand out. 

Horizontal Floating Shelves

Floating shelves don't have to be made with tall upward or vertical arrangement. For a room with wide walls, the design of floating shelves can also be arranged horizontally. Make it as bookshelves and paint the shelves in more colorful color to make it more interesting. 

Hopefully those 7 Stylish Floating Shelf Ideas - Create Extra Storage Space  is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about home decor ideas. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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