A Stunning Small Mezzanine House Design Ideas

Helloshabby.com -- If we are talking about dreams in a family, then one of the top lists that is often thought of is having a dream home. In the dream home, a family will grow and string together sweet memories. 

But talking about realizing a dream home is also not just talk. There are many stages, actions to obstacle that must be passed. The most mainstream problem is the budget. Now the price of land is getting higher and higher. Therefore, it is not surprising that nowadays we see many minimalist house design with a fairly small size. 

Minimalist house or small houses don't always end badly. We can have a cozy and homey small house within complete spaces. One of the solutions is to design a small mezzanine house design. With limited space. we can have additional space that will support the comfort of the occupants of the house. 

Check this review about a stunning small mezzanine house design ideas:

Home façade design

For those of you who want to save money but still want to have an attractive façade look, you can choose the model of façade design from the picture above. The front view looks quite simple with white paint and black combinations on the door and window frames. 

There is also a mini garden that will give you a fresh look and fresh air. Not to forget, the carport floor is uniquely polished with slate rocks that are quite strong and sturdy.

The area and concept of mezzanine stairs

In designing a mezzanine house, it is recommended that the mezzanine floor area be made with an area that is only one-third of total all-area. This needs to be done so that the room is not cramped and stuffy. If it is more than the size it should be, the air circulation can also be disrupted and the air of the room becomes hotter. 

Stairs are an important element because they are used frequently to access the mezzanine floor. Make sure you choose a staircase that fits the size of the lower room and the floor of the house, so that it does not seem narrow. In addition, adjust the design of the stairs to appear integrated with the interior concept of the main room.

Choosing good furniture

Good furniture can make a mezzanine house more beautiful. You can choose the type of furniture that is not too high, because it can make the room look so small and stuffy. For a spacious impression, you can choose a furniture design in a Scandinavian look. The neutral tone color will make your space even feel so cozy.

Having a small residence is never a problem anymore, if you use the of mezzanine. All rooms can be made including a kitchen. Choose a kitchen look that matches other areas, so that the house appears to have a clear unity of themes. 

Warm wood elements

The concept of mezzanine house can make the house look spacious. You can give wooden elements on the floor or set of furniture into your mezzanine room. Wooden elements can make the room feel warm and comfortable. Due to its limited size, choose room furniture from wooden elements that are also space-saving and multifunctional. 

Light and Air Optimation

You can create a window on one side of the floor, so that the air circulation and natural light can enter the house. You can also use ceiling panel light with light adjusted according to the function of the room. 

Simple is elegant

The simple bedroom can also look elegant. That's because of the right color combination and furniture set and slick. A master bed with gray sheets looks matching with wooden shades. Simple but elegant rooms can make your sleep better. 

Hopefully those ideas about a stunning small mezzanine house design ideas is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about mezzanine floor design. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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