Meet Perfect Green Home Designs for Fresh and Soothing Spaces -- Green is the color of life, nature and energy, and is associated with growth, freshness, and positive environment. So, it's a good idea to bring a touch of green color into your home. The color of green also can create calmness. It helps you to relaxes and soothes both mentally and physically.  

Applying the green things in interior design create a fresh and soothing atmosphere. However, there are certain rule that you must be considered while choosing the green in your space. If you need some inspirations about making a perfect green home design, we've prepared some inspiration that may be you can adapt when making a home in green themed-look. 

The Green Ceiling Design


Don't let the ceiling look so empty and plain! You can create an up ceiling design with a flat surface that is polished in a lime green color. The green ceiling creates a protective atmosphere in the room. Avoid choose shade of green that look too bright or dark tones when used for ceiling. It could result a disturbing look in your space. 

Green Sofa for Fresh and Calm Feeling

A room with white color like a canvas that you are free to color. If you want a room that feels fresh, in addition to wall paint you can choose furniture in green. Choosing a beautiful green sofa equipped with comfortable pads, enough to bring comfort, a sense of relaxation and freshness to your living room. 

Space-saving cabinets in bright green

The area under the stairs, often leaves a space that can be used. Instead of being made as a dead spot, use it as a cabinet to store a variety of items at home. The shape of the cabinet is made to fit the stairs with an easy swing or pull door model. Choose a thicker and brighter green color for the space-saving cabinet to provide a nice contrast of spaces.

Mild Green Tones for The Walls

Simourdesign said that too dark green tones on the walls may create a sense of irritation to the eyes and making the room look unpleasant. Other options, you can pick mild green tones such a lime green color to create a cool and calm feeling on the interior walls. 

Green Dining Table for Happy Meal

In color therapy, green is believed to create calmness. It can help lift depression and reduce anxiety. Eating with the feel of a green table and chairs will at least make your meal feel more enjoyable and less stressful. 

Small and Minimalist Kitchen Design

If the kitchen wall already uses green, choose another shade of color for your tiny kitchen design. This is so that the kitchen doesn't look monotonous. You can choose a kitchen set design with monochrome color for a kitchen that looks more modern, even in green walls. Make good air circulation, so that your little kitchen is not stuffy.

Decorations for Green Walls

What is the right decoration for a green painted room? No need to worry about it, you can simply put a uniquely shaped mirror with plants in a hanging pot medium on your green headboard bed. Place them in parallel with a proportional composition, to make the room look neater and nicer. 

The Real Green Things on Your Outdoor Spaces

If you're so in love with the green color, then don't forget to create an outdoor spaces that full of with the greenery.  You can use it as a lounge or outdoor meeting space. The greenery will make you relax and help you produce a great idea to your life and work. Decorate your outdoor lounge with the garden ornaments, such as pendant lamps, wall decor and more. 

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