5 Cool Bunk Beds That will Love by Your Kids

Helloshabby.com -- Bunk bed is very suitable to be placed in the children's room. The brothers or sisters can familiarize themselves and do activities together. Other than that, bunk bed can also be a solution for small houses and does not have any remaining room space for each kid. 

Bunk bed for kid's bedroom can be a place for rest, a playground, and mostly it can save space. Given its vertical standing position, it is essential for small modern houses. If you are currently wanting to decorate a children's room, try to see the reference bedroom with bunk bed below. 

A room for 3 kids with bunk bed design


Having a lot of kids is a gift. But there are times when we confuse designing their bedrooms, especially if  the space in a home is limited. Making one room for three brothers  is the right solution. Bunk bed design can be chosen to maximize the room. The same size bed can be arranged in one room. 

Choose a bunk bed model with storage at the bottom for additional storage. The design of a children's bedroom with bunk bed that has unique staircase where each stair has a drawer to store children's toys is also more efficient and multifunctional. 

L-shaped study table in bunk bed kid's room


Further, from the previous design, this room also comes with a study desk for each child's study room. The table design is made simple by installing an L-shaped study table that can accommodate three children. 

Home bunk bed


If your child like to likes to play house, a bunk bed with this design will fill your child's imagination. Just make sure, you always pay attention to the safety of the bunk bed design you choose. The best age for bunk bed usage is 6 years old for safety concern. Give the upper bed protector for safe use. Make sure the protector is strong and sturdy and greatly minimizes the fall of the child form the upper bed. The distance between the lower bed mattress and the upper bed at least 150 centimeters, so that the head is not easily stumble into the upper bed cot.

Nook Bunk Bed Design 


Nook room gives the look of a children's bedroom that looks more stylish and unique. Moreover, combined with the bunk bed design that makes the children's room remain comfortable, even though it is in a small space. 

This bunk beds design feels neater and more spacious when pinned with the right bedsheet. You can choose a bedsheet with basic colors and simple pattern to give the impression of a comfortable room.

Sleek and Stylish Bunk Bed


If your little ones start to love the sleek and aesthetic look, then they'll love this kind of bunk bed. It comes in special wood and come with a sleek and sturdy built-in ladder. You can add string light around the bedside. The dim light that comes from the string light will make the room feel cozier and help them sleep better. 


Bold and Unique Bunk Bed 


Dominated by dark metal furniture, this bedroom looks bold and unique. Decorate the floor with striped blue and black carpets that give color accent to the room. The placement of stairs on the front side of bunk bed, so this bunk bed look more safe. This minimalist kid's bedroom can be decorated with more floating shelves and walls painted in white. 

Hopefully those 5 Cool Bunk Beds That will Love by Your Kids are useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about kid's bedroom ideas. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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