Best Red Accent Pieces for Living Space -- Red has its own uniqueness. It's bold and timeless color at the same time. Red is the color of fire, so it is associated with energy, strength, power as well as passion, desire and love. Red is also enhanced the adrenaline like no other hue. So, it is a good choice when you want to add excitement into the home using red things ( Using red can make the room feel more vibrant and very lively. Here are examples of decorations:

Introducing Red in Soft Furnishing


Soft furnishings are item made of fabric such curtains, scatter cushions, bean bag, and chair covering that often used to decorate a room. Use red on soft furnishing to make this room feel more intimate and visually good. Combine the red things with black accent to create room that look so sophisticated and elegant. 

Red Sofas for Lively Living Room


You can also give the living room a 'wow' effect by choosing the right red furniture. Place three oversize sofas in blood-red makes this living room so vibrant. The red things around look balanced, when it combines with the white things around it. White accents in tablecloth and pillowcases complement the red sofas. 

Classic Red Wallpaper


Red is associated with passion, desire and love. So, using red as the main color for master bedroom can be a good idea. One step that can be done is to install a red wallpaper with a gold damask pattern in the bedroom. The mix of red and shades of gold gives you a bedroom that looks elegant and stunning. 

Red as accent


Red is a pretty bold color, and easily the human eye is immediately drawn to red. In the bedroom that filled with neutral colors, you can add a little red as an accent that refreshes the look of the room. For example, by installing a red curtain on the window and using the pillowcase in a vibrant red color. 

The Red and Black Combination


Give it a different kitchen look by choosing a kitchen set design in red and black. You can generally pair the red with black for modern and fancy look. Add kitchen lighting at the right angles, so that it illuminates the kitchen set and makes it look more exclusive.

A Red Rug


Red color has a very strong impression and does not need to be the dominant color in a room. Just use some simple decorations, but with a large size to make your room look attractive. For example, a large patterned red  rug can be placed in the center of the room, so the living space has a strong characteristic. 

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