6 Minimalist Outdoor Kitchen Design That You Should Try, Make Cooking More Fun

Helloshabby.com -- If you want a fresh kitchen atmosphere but constrained by small space, then you can try a minimalist outdoor kitchen. You can design an outdoor kitchen adjacent to the backyard garden. The outdoor kitchen will give the impression of a more spacious kitchen. You won't feel cramped or claustrophobic by it. 

Cooking in an outdoor kitchen will certainly feel more pleasant, especially if the location of the kitchen is directly facing the fresh home garden. The beautiful garden view will always make us more comfortable when cooking. 

If you're kind interested in designing a minimalist outdoor kitchen design, here we present a review of 6 Minimalist Outdoor Kitchen Design That You Should Try, Make Cooking More Fun. 

Minimalist outdoor kitchen with skylight


A small outdoor kitchen and backyard garden is a perfect combination. While cooking, you can feel the fresh air from your garden. If you're worried about raindrops, that'll wet the floor, you can install an additional roof (skylight) such as a tempered glass roof in the garden area. That way, cooking in the outdoor kitchen will feel more safe, comfortable and enjoyable. 

Minimalist outdoor kitchen on a budget

Outdoor kitchen design is not always expensive, you can choose a kitchen set that is more budget-efficient and space-saving. The upper cabinet was replaced with a floating shelf to put various kitchen spices. The rest of the space is used as a dining room. After cooking done, you can immediately enjoy the meal while accompanied by a fresh breeze. 

A convenient outdoor kitchen design


The outdoor kitchen above feels spacious by making use of the outdoor area of the house fitted with a fiber glass canopy. The canopy is designed to be almost seated so that cooking is not disturbed by raindrops or dirt from above. On the side of the kitchen are installed wooden panels as a partition and a place to hang some decorations. You can still place a set of chair and tables that you can use as a breakfast table or enjoy a cup of warm tea while looking at the outside view. 

Semi-outdoor kitchen design


The semi-outdoor kitchen is suitable for those who do not have a green open space. This kitchen is designed next to the indoor garden, so the fresh atmosphere is always felt. In the garden there is a skylight that made of glass roof to emit natural light and brighten up the garden and kitchen space. On the side of the garden and kitchen are placed greenery as decoration as well as a partition to the two areas.

The outdoor kitchen near the kitchen with right materials


At first glance, the kitchen above feels cool and pleasant. All you have to do is put down the garden chairs to enjoy the snacks while feeling the fresh vibe of the garden. When designing a minimalist outdoor kitchen, make sure you choose the materials of floor, kitchen set, backsplash, and roofs that are strong, durable and resistant to weather changed. For example choose floor materials made of tiles, ceramics, concrete, and more. 

An industrial outdoor kitchen design


The concept of minimalist outdoor kitchen above looks so unique, carrying a blend of industrial and natural styles. Industrial style comes from unfinished-style walls and also furniture made of metal materials. The metal shelves are designed vertically high so that cooking utensil and kitchen decoration can be displayed to the maximum. 

The owner also added wood elements to this kitchen, so that the kitchen looks more natural. This wooden element comes from the selection of kitchen tables, floating shelf and bar tables. The owner also installs bamboo curtains so that when it rains, rainwater does not wet the kitchen area.  Overall, this open kitchen looks harmonious with the green leaves in the back garden area.

That's all for 7 open kitchen design inspirations. Hopefully the article titled 7 Minimalist Open Kitchen Design That You Should Try, Make Cooking More Fun is useful for those of you who looking for inspiration about open kitchen design. 

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