6 Small Kitchen Design Ideas, Small but Aesthetically Pleasing!

Helloshabby.com -- Having a small kitchen is not a bad thing. We can still have a small, convenient kitchen that looks aesthetically pleasing. The keys lie in creativity and some proper arrangement. We can create through the color selection of furniture and kitchen decorations, or determine the kitchen layout, so that the small kitchen still feels spacious. That way, a small kitchen can also make cooking more fun and enjoyable. 

Well, if you need some ideas about  6 Small Kitchen Design Ideas, Small but Aesthetically Pleasing! Check this out!

A single wall kitchen: Saving-space and looks beautiful


A single wall kitchen is quite effective for saving space. In a single wall kitchen layout, countertops, work services (sink and stove), and all the cabinets are arranged along one wall.  You can arrange this kitchen with a simple but chic arrangement. Choose kitchen furniture in white and a bit of firm line accents (on the cabinets). Combine the white kitchen furniture with vinyl flooring that provide a warm and cozy atmosphere to the kitchen. 

Simple and Purple Kitchen 


For a small space, you can make a kitchen with L-shaped design. Most kitchen furniture is selected with all purple color and a bit of black accent in the countertop. The combination of purple and black color make this kitchen look calm, sweet and neat at the same time. Top upper cabinet is made full until it touches the ceiling to maximize kitchen storage. The kitchen backsplash with patterned ceramics and a few food illustrations appear as decorative elements that make the kitchen look more attractive. 

Pink and Open Kitchen Design


Combining a kitchen and indoor garden area can be a good idea. The garden can be designed as a children's play ground or another relaxing space. So, you can cook while occasionally watching your kids play or interact with other family member. This arrangement is good enough to minimize the feeling of being isolated when you in the kitchen.  

Don't forget, choose a kitchen design to suit your character. If you want a calm, relaxed and warm kitchen look, you can choose the kitchen design in shades of soft pastel pink. 

U-shaped Kitchen Design 


Make the most of a tiny kitchen by designing a U-shaped kitchen. Add an extra counter top can makes working in the kitchen much more effective and efficient. You can use it as a prep-table, a mini breakfast table, and more. For small kitchen space use light color like white and blue light to visually expand the kitchen. 

 L-shaped Kitchen Design


If the kitchen space is located in the corner of the house, then applying the kitchen with L-shaped design could be the right kitchen layout. The L-shaped kitchen furniture will occupy the corner of the house perfectly and make the kitchen feel relieved. You can choose a white cabinet and countertops and add a bit of turquoise color to give a more colorful kitchen look. 

Stylish Black and Red Kitchen 


Black and white is indeed the perfect combination for a kitchen. It gives you small bold and stylish kitchen look, especially when you pick kitchen cabinets with glossy or transparent surface. The presence of lights in the upper cabinet not just serves as lighting. These panel lights also have a dramatic effect on this modern kitchen in red and black. 

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