An (Extra)Ordinary House Design That Will Blow Your Mind -- There are some factors to consider during your home build. One of the biggest initial factors to consider is the size you want/have.  The next things are location, outdoor features, cost and budgeting. 

Some people want to have a house that look so majestic, both exterior and interior design. But some are in love with a house that looks simple and ordinary on the outside, but the interior inside is very comfortable for the owner. If you are one of them (who likes simplicity), then the house reviews below can be fun inspiration for you. 

Simple but there is a difference

From the outside, this house looks simple. With a symmetrical box shape equipped with a wooden door and window. But compared to the left and right buildings, this house looks more colorful with the use of blue and white paint. To make it brighter, the exterior lights are added to the building. That way, friends or guests who will visit more easily find this house.

The Living Room Design

When entering the house, you will be greeted by this  living room. Just wooden chairs and a table are placed in this room. A green floor rug with floral patterns will make the room feel warmer and more beautiful. The walls are also lined with natural stone to give a dynamic natural impression.

Fresh Patio Design

Bring a fresh tropical vibe to the patio. Tropical plants like cigar plant (Calathea lutea) and so on are perfect to be planted around this patio. The existence of a minimalist pool is also ready to accompany the homeowner's relax time. For seating, simply put a simple outdoor chair for sunbathing or relaxing, enjoying the fresh air.

Stone for strong design

Stone is amazing. It's so strong,  so it is suitable as an element of building exterior houses. The exterior wall of this house uses a combination of well-arranged stones. In addition to being sturdy, these stones also add visual appealing to this open space. 

An Open Plan Kitchen

Having a kitchen is a must, right? But for limited space, it's better to have an open-plan kitchen. This type of kitchen is a social space, where the cook and guest can interact. For an open-plan kitchen, it's also better to have a high and large window as room divider. This folding window glass make you able to look the garden scene while cooking. 

Kitchen with semen exposed

The kitchen with a touch of exposed cement brings a strong and sturdy industrial impression. The appearance also looks more attractive, with a very beautiful backsplash in geometric pattern. Beside that, the dim lighting  will add a warm atmosphere to this kitchen.

The Stair Design

The design of the stairs is made to fit the available space. The steps are also made of sturdy materials that are safe and durable.  On the wall there are small glass boxes  to keep the stairwell area bright during the day. 

Another open space design

The open space design is quite perfect for urban home that have limited space. These design make the house feel more spacious than actual size. This room is designed with a full glass window design that can be opened and closed. This allows light and air to enter optimally. That way, the room will be brighter and airier. The furniture design is quite simple, for example, such as an open wooden shelf to put some decorative display. 

So, that's all for An (Extra)Ordinary House Design That Will Blow Your Mind. The exterior design is quite simple and ordinary, but the interior inside is so extraordinary. If you like this design, you can adapt some design ideas on your own home. Tell us how you think about this house, drop your comment on Facebook Home Design Pictures. 

Author      : Yeni
Editor       : Munawaroh
Source     : Various Source
Picture     : instagram/tamarauribepotraits
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