Beautiful Yellow Home Design Pictures and Ideas | Make Your Space Bright and Beautiful  -- Yellow color is associated with energy, optimism, enthusiasm and joy. Therefore, there is no harm if you want to present a home with shade of yellow. A house that carries positive energy will certainly be more meaningful and convenient to its owner, compared to a house that looks too dark and cold. 

Bringing a yellow colors to the house makes the house interior look more fresh and charming if done with proper arrangement. So, if you want to apply yellow things in your home, hope this review is useful for you. Keep reading for Beautiful Yellow Home Design Pictures and Ideas | Make Your Space Bright and Beautiful. 

Is yellow a good color for a house? 

Well, the answer to the question above really depends on individual taste. Choosing a yellow for your house color is still a good idea. Instead of bright yellow, you can pick deeper mustard yellow as the paint of exterior wall. Mustard tones go well with both whites and browns as accent exterior colors. 

A yellow-laguna sofa as living room focal point

For living room, you can choose creamy paint wall. It's quite light and make you easier to decorate your wall with some wall decors. Pick a sofa in more yellow light (we call it as laguna color) that act as focal point. The sofa is quite small, but its color is quite attractive.

Add a special lighting into the living room 

You can choose lamps with medium light intensity to create a warm and intimate atmosphere. Ambience lighting can be a unique and beautiful choice. Ambience lighting is usually placed in the interior of the house. For this living room, ambience lighting is installed behind the sofa with a very beautiful yellowish dim light. 

Yellow and white decorations

Yellow wallpapers and accessories add brightness, even into a small space. Yellow things work well in combination with other accents, such as white, grey or black. 

Try arranging wall decor in a neat and simple way. You can also put some shrub or succulent in the open cabinet. These furniture with decorations on it will make your house look so neatly and beautifully arranged. 

Use space-saving furniture

For a small master bedroom,  it's good if you choose a sleek and space-saving furniture design. For example, pick a floating makeup shelf. On there, you can put your makeup things in order. Just make sure, install the shelf firmly enough, so that your things don't fall off easily.  

A bright makeup mirror

As a man/woman,  having a makeup mirror is a must. If you've decided on a house theme with yellow accent, choose a makeup mirror with yellow accent on it. A round mirror with yellow circle, that look like the shining sun is possible to give you some positive vibe. 

Yellow kitchen design

Just a few touches of yellow will freshen up the kitchen space. You can apply the yellow color on kitchen cabinets, trash can, backsplash and kitchen appliances. Make it more fresh by putting greenery in your yellow kitchen. 

Yellow things in dining table

You don't have to choose tables and dining chairs in yellow. Too much yellow will make the room look so excessive and make it uncomfortable to look at.  Choose a standard dining table and chair in neutral color, and beautify by putting cutlery in yellow. 

Hopefully those ideas are useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about yellow home interior and exterior design. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Author      : Yeni

Editor       : Munawaroh

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