Green Interior Design For Your Home: Fresh, Cozy and Nice! -- Green color is believed to give the atmosphere of the house feels more lively and refreshing. Incorporating green elements in the interior design also creates a calming atmosphere, so it will make you feel at home and get comfortable. 

One of the easiest ways to upgrade your home appearance is to update the color of the house paint. Well, you can apply green color as a paint wall to the interior of the house. This time, we recommend the color of mint green that give a calm, fresh and cozy effect. The combination of mint green paint color with the right furniture design will further accentuate the look of your home interior. 

A combination of mint and white living room

This interior design is very suitable to be applied to a small minimalist house or studio apartment. This can be seen from the size of the living room, which is quite small. Mint green color is used as the main wall color. Therefore, the choice of colors for the floor, furniture and decoration using white color. The combination of white and mint is enough to give the look of a more colorful and airy space, but not too flashy.

Combining kitchen and dining room space

Don't be surprised if you find different room in one space without partition. This is done to make the room feel more spacious and airy. As in the area above. The living room, dining room and kitchen appear to be one spacious space. The placement of furniture is used as a visual barrier. Thus, the various rooms in one space are still seen as different rooms that have their own function. 

A cozy and nice kitchen design

Kitchen with shades of mint green will help create a fresher atmosphere, so the cooking activities will certainly look and feel more pleasant. You can choose a U-shaped kitchen design that is more functional and efficient. Extra counter table can be used as a mini bar as well as a space barrier. Add the top cabinet as extra storage in the kitchen. Choose a solid green color to give it a nice green color combination. 

A compact bedroom design

This room is quite small, but can be placed complete room furniture. The choice of furniture is chosen with a sleek design and does not take up much space. The decor is minimized so that the room does not feel too crowded. 

Green is better with right lighting

Make sure you have adequate lighting in your green interior design. Enough light will make the green color look brighter and fresher. In addition to windows, you can choose interior lighting such as incandescent lights or LEDs that are quite bright. 

Enliven your green walls

If the space on the floor is too small to put decorations, you can certainly decorate the room by decorating the walls. Stick your art on the wall. You can attach an iron ram rack to the wall and stick your small notes on it. It will have double function as a reminder as well as the decoration of the room. 

Use patterns on soft furnishings

A bedroom with mint green shades are more pleasant when there are patterns inside. You can choose bedsheet with plaid pattern, and a rug with colorful tropical pattern. These patterns will make your green room more dynamic.

Those are the decorating tips for your dream home in green-themed look,  that you can try to apply in your own home. Some tips above can be adjusted to the size of the house and the shape of the room. Do not forget to consider the budget for the needs of space so that household finances can be divided equally.

Author      : Yeni

Editor       : Munawaroh

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