Home Hack: 6 Simple Trick to Make Your Small Home Feel Better

Helloshabby.com -- Nowadays, there are many choices of home design that you can adapt and get from various media, one of them from Helloshabby.com. But among so many home design, the modern minimalist house design is still become a favorite for many people. In terms of size, minimalist house are fairly small, but suitable for newly married couple, or those with limited budget. 

Owning a small house doesn't always end badly. There are many ways to make it feel comfortable and look amazing. Even with a simple touch, you can make every corner of the house beautiful. So, we've prepared 6 simple tricks to make your small house feel better. Check more below.

1. Open space design for a more spacious impression

Open space design is highly recommended for small sized home layouts. The concept of open space is more effective and efficient in terms of space savings. Although used for various functions of the room, the room without partition will look more spacious and spacious and airy.

You can combine a living and dining area in the same area. Use different types of furniture in each room, as a visual differentiator. Also use a brown vinyl floor to give you a more homey and warm atmosphere to the home.

2. Choose sleek furniture design

Small space sizes require you to choose the right furniture design. Furniture that is too big will make the room feel narrower. Furniture that is too small will make the room look messy. So,  it's better if you choose furniture with a sleek design that suits the shape of your room. For example, the kitchen above. This kitchen has a single wall model with slim cabinets and occupies the space perfectly. 

3. Try to have a green open space

No matter how small it is, a green garden is always good to be presented. This is done, so your small house doesn't feel too hot and dry. You can make use of the remaining space for a minimalist garden. Green the space with large foliage plants that look like a banana tree, for example Calathea Lutea or cigar plant. 

4. Bring Outdoor to Indoor

A quick trick to add ambiance is bringing indoor plants to your space. These indoor plants will act as a decoration as well as an air purify. That way, your room will feel and look so fresh. Place indoor plants in a special rattan place so that the appearance matches the furniture of the room. 

5. On Floor Mattress Design

For some people, putting a mattress on the floor without a bed may sound strange. But this trick is quite effective for saving space and saving budget. You don't need to buy a bed so it'll save you more. Beside that, on floor mattress make your bedroom space look more spacious and airy.

6. Make The Most of  Your Walls

If the size of the space is fairly small and narrow, try to arrange your furniture vertically, for example by utilizing the wall area. The wall can be used as a place to stick your notes, reminders even some wall decors. You can also install floating cabinets as storage to keep your thing in order. 

There are some tricks to make your little house feel better. You can apply some or all of your ideas, according to your needs. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Author      : Yeni

Editor       : Munawaroh

Source     : instagram/biasalahanakmuda

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