Lovely Minimalist House Design to Live your Best Life -- So many requests are coming in to bring back the design of the house with a minimalist style. Actually, the demand is not strange, considering the minimalist house design offers convenience, practicality and comfort to many people. 

Simplicity is the key to distinguish the minimalist style. Streamlined shaped, a simple layout,  a neutral and earthy tone selection of colors bring some comfy feeling in its simplicity. In addition, a minimalist house design is also very easy to apply, even for a small-sized house. So, if you are interested in applying minimalist style in your home, take a look at this lovely minimalist house design. The simple but stunning design will make you to live your best life. 

A Fresh, bright and airy living room

The shade of white becomes the base color for this living room. The shade of white on the walls, the floor, and even some furniture make this room looks brighter and airier. The neutral base is very good to combine with earthy tone accents such as a rattan mirror, a pottery, and some other decorations to give a more dynamic look.

The furniture of the living room is neatly arranged on the side of the room. That way, the access in and out through the main door is not interrupted by the furniture layout.

A semi-outdoor garden ideas

Make your own fresh entertainment in your own house. You can create a semi-outdoor garden with a fresh fishpond. Install a transparent roof over the pond. This transparent roof will prevent rainwater or dirt from entering the pond. Place a pair of chairs as a a seat to enjoy the fresh garden scenery with your lovely one.  Check the steps to set up the amazing fish pond here!

Simple but stylish bedroom design

The combination of white and black wall colors gives a calm and modern look. We actually believe this combination can make you sleep better. Dark black is perfectly combined with a bedsheet in white. Avoid excess ornamentation to achieve a pure form of elegance. But, you still can place some ornamental in the bedroom like plant or wall macramé. 

A romantic dining room 

Just by choosing the lighting for a dining room, you can turn the usual dining space becomes a romantic dining space. The rustic-style lampshade produces dramatic shadows when the lights are turned on. 

Kitchen next to living room

Many people design a kitchen at the very back of the house. But if you want to have a kitchen near the living room, you can adapt the idea of kitchen next to living room above. The living space and the kitchen separated by the wall. This layout allows you to serve drinks to the guest in the living room. But, there is a bit of privacy that might be sacrificed. 

Small Minimalist Kitchen Design 

Make your small kitchen more functional by installing floating shelves in your kitchen. You can put a variety of kitchen spices and some decoration on this shelf. 

Although the kitchen  is equipped with a cooker hood, make sure to also keep the air vents installed so that the kitchen remains fresh and not stuffy. 

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