Stunning and Minimal Green Decorating Ideas to Upgrade Your Living Space -- Green color tends to give a natural and soothing vibe to the room. Somehow green things look contrasting when combined with other colors, but applying green color to the interior of house is one of the best way to upgrade the living space. It makes the house look and feel so good. 

Applying green decoration does not have to be done in an excessive way. Even just with simple and minimal green decorating ideas, the green things will help you bring out the best look of your home interior. If you need some charming and simple ideas, keep reading for the 6 ideas of Stunning and Minimal Green Decorating Ideas to Upgrade Your Living Space.

The green stairs, why not?


Most people design stairs based on their function and safety. Besides that, you also need to pay attention to the look of your stairs. So that the stairs look matching with the concept of the house. For home with green decorating concept, one option that must be tried is to choose a green staircase.  The green staircase is ready to enliven and complete the look of your green interior. 

Calming and Relaxing Green Living Room Design


Spending time after a long day of work, chatting with family members will certainly be very exciting. Give a touch of green color to make the atmosphere feel more fresh and relaxed. You can apply green color to the TV cabinet and sofa bed. This green sofa bed can be opened when you want to watch TV while sleeping.

Get comfy with the green rug


Another stunning and minimal green decor idea that you can try is putting a green rug in your space. This rug has classic patterns in a green color that looks elegant. The material also seems quite soft and warm, it's the best to accompany your relaxing time. 

Green Kitchen for More Positive Vibe


Giving a touch of bright green color to the kitchen, will certainly give you positive vibe while cooking. For a fresh minimalist feel, you can choose wall paint in a lighter green color shade. As a visual counterbalance, use white kitchen furniture on your favorite green kitchen design. 


In accordance with the philosophy of green color that's quite giving calming effect, bedrooms with green color is believed to be able to make you have a quality rest. You can give a touch of green color to the walls, bed linen, or green decorations that you like.

Another Green Bedroom Ideas


The green color options can also be adjusted to the desired look. For example, a light green color to give the character a brighter room look, or a dark green to give you some calm impression. All you have to do is choose a green color option that really suit your character. 

That's all for Stunning and Minimal Green Decorating Ideas to Upgrade Your Living Space. You can adapt some ideas in your home or make a few modifications that suit perfectly with your home design. Green things will make your living space look so gorgeous and fresh.  

We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Author      : Yeni

Editor       : Munawaroh

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