The 6 Tips You Need to Know to Create A Cozy Green Living Room -- Green color becomes one of the colors that many people love. So no wonder, this color is chosen by many people as decorative accent in their home. Green color provides a refreshing effect, calms the mind and relive stress after a day full of activities. 

A living room is there you interested in arranging a living room with a touch of green? If so, here are tips on decorating the house with a touch of green color, gathered from various sources.  

Pair green walls with millennial pink furniture


You have to be smart when applying green color to the room. If it's done too much, your space will look too green and weird. Use a slightly darker shade of green on the walls and on the bit of furniture. To balance out the colors, pair the green with millennial pink furniture to create attractive contrast. 

Use a bright green wall paint color for a spacious effect


One of the ideas to get around your limited-sized living room to keep it looking spacious is to use wall paint in light colors, such as lime green paint. Because it can give a clean and airy impression.

Combine the lime green walls with all-brown furniture. Green and brown is a combination of colors close to nature. These color blend can be applied to the living room, so that the room feels soothing and sophisticated.

Emphasize with greenery


Using green color on the wall paint has been done, then you can add a natural green nuance to the living room. One of them is by putting greenery like a cactus in your room. This plant will provide a stronger freshness effect compared to other green artificial goods. 

Introducing green color on soft furnishing


Want a minimalist and fresh living room? Then you can combine green or olive colors with neutral colors that will suitable applied to your living room.  You can choose soft furnishing, such as curtains, cushions, and sofa in olive green color. The combination of white and green colors can display a warm and minimalist impression

Start with a statement of green sofa


If you have a living room with a white base, you can enter green accents through the interior of the house. For example, choosing a sofa and decoration in green color. Likewise, when your room is green, a white interior can be an option for fresh-looking room accents. 

Make the most of your green wall


Although you have a living room with a limited size, but  you can still maximize storage by making good use of the vertical wall function. On your green wall, install a floating shelf in white to display your living room decoration. Arrange with a good arrangement to look neat and visually attractive.  

Hopefully those The 6 Tips You Need to Know to Create A Green Living Room are useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about living room in green ideas. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Author      : Yeni
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