6 Interesting Spilled Pot Ideas

Helloshabby.com -- Running out of ideas to beautify your garden? Why not try the idea of spilled pot? This idea is easy and inexpensive enough to apply even to your small garden. You can use used pots and even broken pots to make an interesting spilled pot. Spilled pot ideas are fun and unique, impressed like mini waterfall. It will make brighten your yard with style. 

So, here are 6 interesting spilled pot ideas that you can try at home.

Petunias flowing from a pot


Petunias is a green choice for spilled flower pot ideas. The flower will bloom and brighten the yard with its yellow petals. Making a spilling flower pot is not that hard, the planting is quite akin to the way  of planting in containers. The difference is, you need to put the pot in an inclined position to create a spilling effect. 

Spilled succulent pot ideas 


Pick your plant carefully. If you don't have a green thumb, other than flowers, you can try succulent instead in a spilled pot. Pick just one type of plant such as succulents in one spilled pot. This idea is to make it easier for you to control the growth of plants in your spilled pot. Don't forget to place garden with  spilled succulent pots in a large visible area, so it can make anyone who sees it amazed. 

Rock river, flowing from the pot


Make a mini river with some rocks or pebbles. You don't need water, if it feels troublesome. Just paint some pebbles in blue color. Arrange the blue pebbles in a certain way to give a dynamic look. The white and blue pebbles will make an illusion like flowing river water. Make the spilled pot look shimmering with a bit of turquoise shade and some pebbles inside. 

Spilled flower pot ideas with moss-rose 


Spilled pot will make the garden seem more dynamic. For a large garden, you choose a large pot, so it will make the illusion of spilled flower more beautiful. For the plant, you can pick moss rose flower that easy to take care and easy to bloom. Grow the moss rose in a place that can receive morning and afternoon sunshine. The spilled pot with moss rose will give a beautiful look into the garden. 

Play the dirt and create spilled flower pot


Spend your weekends gardening and playing in the dirt. You can start planting flowers in the yard. Don't let your garden look mediocre. Try to make a spilled flower pot to add the impression of plants flowing from the pot. Just use used pots or broken pots that exist. You can cover the damaged part of the pots, so that it is not visible from the outside. 

Simple Spilled Pebbles Pot 


Actually, making a spilled pot doesn't require a lot of tools and ways. A simple spilled stone pot can be created, even with just a pot and rocks draping down to create a spilling effect. Place the pot in higher position to create a flowing effect. For the contrast, paint the pebbles in jet black color. The garden will look more unique than before. 

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