7 Beautiful Small Balcony Decor Ideas

Helloshabby.com -- There are a bunch of cool small balcony decor ideas to turn the small space into a super cozy and stylish balcony. Actually, decorating the balcony doesn't cost a lot of budgets. It's due to the small space, so you have to be smart when arranging the furniture on the balcony space. A green grass, or just a chair with a small table to have a cup of favorite coffee is enough to enliven the small balcony garden.  You can use the available and inexpensive items from the house as balcony decor. If you need some inspirations, you can check these 7 Beautiful Small Balcony Decor Ideas.

Bring in Rustic Decorations 


The balcony can be a very close place to the outdoor. Therefore, there is no harm in choosing natural and warm rustic decorations. A comfy chair and a round woven table can be placed on the balcony. The balcony floor is covered with comfy grass carpets to provide visual freshness. You can relax while enjoying a bowl of noodles on this balcony. 

Put String Lights for More Romantic Vibe


Who says that balcony is only a place that perfect for morning. Chill out and enjoy the night air can also be done on the balcony. Create the perfect night atmosphere by decorating the small balcony with string lights. Choose string lights in dim light that create a romantic vibe to your balcony. 

Bring in Greenery 


Balcony is also the best place to take care of the greenery. The fresh air and sufficient natural light will make the greenery grow well in the balcony. You can arrange the plants around the balcony space. Place a comfy bench and a small table on there. You can bring the book and enjoy reading in balcony that full of plants. 

Add Pattern with An Outdoor Rug and A Wall Decor

Liven up your balcony with the furniture selection with unique patterns. You can choose beautiful round rugs with unique woven patterns. On the wall, also install a similar decor wall in the shape of a bowl. These two decorations will make your balcony more attractive. 

A Hanging Egg Chair


No one can resist, sitting back and relaxing while enjoying the fresh air in the day. It can all be realized by putting a hanging chair in the balcony space. In addition, the existing balcony space can be used as an edible garden. Plant various vegetable on the rain gutter then place it on balcony. 

A set of unique chairs and low-maintenance house plants


You can put a set of unique tube seats there. The balcony can be used as a relaxing space for the whole family. Choose a chair with a picture surface à la Asian paintings. Put houseplants that are easy to maintain. The plants will make your balcony more fresh and natural.  

Opt for Colorful flowers 


Other than low-maintenance plants, you can pick a colorful flower on the balcony. The flowers will beautify the balcony space. You can pick blooming flowers and arrange them on the pot. For more harmonious look, choose a cushion and throw in blue pastel color that looks match with the flowers petals.

Those are 7 Beautiful Small Balcony Decor Ideas. You can adapt some ideas to your balcony. Even if you only have a small balcony, but the proper and beautiful arrangement will make small balcony will look better than before.

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