Choosing the Right Color for a Small Bedroom

Choosing the Right Color for  a Small Bedroom -- Perfect color options for bedroom interior wall paint color, especially for the bedroom, indeed has an important role. Believe it or not, color can help make a room look more spacious. The science of psychology has shown that one's mind and mood is greatly influenced by colors around him/her. You might have also realized yourself that your mood is widely influenced by the surrounding colors, Colors are sometimes said to be mood reflection. No wonder that interior designers usually use color psychology for rooms.

Perfect color for a small bedroom


The perfect colors for a small bedroom are earth, white, and bright colors. In this case, light brown, yellow, purple, and orange will be great. The use of neutral colors such as white is a good choice because it is able to make the room look more spacious.

Complete with some decoration components to make the bedroom more beautiful and look alive.


Colors for small bedroom design


Too bright our too dark colors are also not suggested for a small bedroom. Instead of looking more spacious, a small bedroom will look the other way around. This kind of colors is suitable for accent colors, cot as the main color.

Provide warm decoration with wood material and parquet floor selection. For a different atmosphere, you just have add wall-art and other decorative accents that refresh the bedroom.


Combine it with other brighter colors


For the walls, you can choose the color lavender, green, blue, or pink. These colors will help create a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Green means peace, energy, balance, safety, natural, and stable. Use the open concept with the home's balcony garden full of refreshing gardens.


Neutral colors


Bedroom is a space where you spend your time to rest and relax. In these last years, neutral colors becomes trend for bedroom. Bright colors, beige, brown, and cream popular neutral colors for a bedroom.

To make it more spacious and airy, use large bedroom windows and cover them with transparent curtains to incorporate less intense light.


Pay attention to the atmosphere of the room


If you want to bring a cool atmosphere, you can choose the colors of beige, ivory, pearls, and gray. Natural white will look perfect for your small bedroom ceiling. This will make your bedroom look much taller.

Another thing you need to consider when choosing colors for the bedroom is the combination of wall color and furniture. The furniture used in the bedroom also plays an important role in creating a pleasant atmosphere. Thus, make sure the color of the wall paint matches the bedroom is the combination of wall color and furniture. 


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